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The reviewed team members performed the ghost step dance collectively, and even the dance was so nea

The military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China is the largest in recent military parades. " Through the South and North, I kicked my leg in front of Tiananmen Square. In the eyes of many reviewed team members, participating in the military parade is an honor worth cherishing all my life. On the parade training ground, the slogans of the participants were loud and clear, and their steps were powerful and resolute.

While the reading team members work hard and sweat, scientific training and the combination of work and rest run through. There are a variety of ways to provide appropriate physical and psychological adjustment for everyone, so that they can be trained scientifically and efficiently. Look, the 'recess' of the military parade training is coming, which is the other youth style of the members of the Parade & DARR;