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What are the simple and touching courtship advertisements? The complete collection of super romantic

A simple 'I love you' can't solve the marriage proposal. However, many people are still very shy. Although they love each other very much, their meaning is always a little worse. Here are some classic marriage proposal advertisements for you to refer to:

1. In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership nor even love me, just meeting you in my most beautiful years. I don't like others approaching me with purpose. Although I have no use value, I'm not afraid of what you have done with me, but I'm afraid that I treat you with my heart, but in the end, I find you have no heart at all.

2. Let's get married, shall we? Then we can stop talking about missing on the phone, get up every morning and see your sleeping face, and then have a less rich but warm breakfast together. Let's get married, shall we? In that way, we can show off with the small red book issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau. We can hang wedding photos in the room and smile unconsciously. marry me!

3. want to live with you, wake up with you, see your sleeping face, want to hold you from behind, when you cook, want to watch TV together, listen to your Tucao, want to go out for a walk in summer night, take a watermelon to our home, want to hide in the bed together to see the old electric shadows in winter, when you want to quarrel, you can also make complaints about you, want to walk together with the dog to bask in the sun together. Even if life is not so easy, I still hope you are in my future.

4. We run in and grow up together in time. You erase my arrogance and I erase your astringency and timidity. You are more and more warm and responsible, I am more and more quiet and soft. Inadvertently, we have become better people. I think this is the best love and provision.

5. I love you not only because of who you are, but also because of who I am when I am with you. I love you not only because of what you do for me, but also because of what I can do for you. I love you because you can call out the real part of me. I love you because you pass through the wilderness of my heart as easily as the sun penetrates the crystal. My foolishness and my weakness hardly exist in your eyes.

6. I will quarrel with you, but I will not leave you easily and will be angry with you, but I want to see you jealous. I will stick to you, but I will not pester you. I will make fun of you, but I will not dislike you. I will take care of you, but I don't want to have a chance to lose you. I will be duplicative, but I hope you can see through my heart. I am angry, cold or crazy, These can only prove the three words I want to say to you, I love you.

7. You may not understand why I value having more meals with you, watching more movies with you, or even walking with you for a few more steps. It's not because I love that meal, want to see that movie, and want to take those steps, but because I do these things with you. These little things are all your company for me.

8. I have crossed bridges in many places, seen clouds many times, and drank many kinds of wine, but I only loved a person at the best age.

9. Love at first sight, infatuation at last. You spend all day trying to get your heart. You take great pains to get your heart. Don't you understand my heart.

10. When the wind stops chasing clouds, when the ice stops melting water, when the fire is no longer hot, when the stone is no longer hard, and when there is no love in the world, I can stop loving you.