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Photo Encyclopedia of handwritten newspapers on National Day

The red flag is displayed high and the national anthem is played high. In this national festive, warm and peaceful Festival, I wish the motherland a happy 70th birthday, prosperity and strength. I'll sort out and collect the complete collection of handwritten pictures of national day and the complete collection of English handwritten pictures of national day. I hope you like it!

National Day manuscript content: the birth of the national flag

On June 16, 1949, the Preparatory Committee of the new CPPCC decided to establish a primary election committee for the design of the national flag and national emblem, and published a notice for soliciting contributions in people's daily and other newspapers from July 14 to August 15 of that year. During the first plenary session of the CPPCC National Committee in September 1949, the primary election committee selected 38 of the 3012 patterns received and printed them for discussion by all delegates. After the group discussion of all representatives, Chairman Mao Zedong held a consultation forum on the national flag, national emblem, national anthem, chronicle and national capital on the evening of September 25. On the issue of the national flag, Chairman Mao Zedong pointed out that the pattern of the five-star red flag shows the great unity of our revolutionary people. We need great unity now and in the future. Therefore, it is both unity and revolution now and in the future.

On September 27, 1949, all the representatives of the first plenary session of the CPPCC National Committee adopted a resolution and selected the five-star red flag designed by Zeng Liansong as the national flag of the people's Republic of China. The resolution pointed out: "the national flag of the people's Republic of China is a red five-star flag, symbolizing the great unity of the Chinese revolutionary people."

A selection of blessings for the motherland on National Day

1. I love the sun because it makes everything on the earth grow; I love the moon, because it emits soft light in the night; I love you more our motherland! You are like our mother. 1.3 billion people are in your arms.

2. My motherland, the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Great Wall, has cast your ancient rivers and mountains. Reform, opening up and development have lit up the dawn of the world! My motherland, you have beautiful frontier and coast. I wish you more prosperity and strength!

3. We are China, and China is us. We bravely undertake our mission and wish the motherland a better future!

4. Flowers sing for your birthday, applause sing for your greatness, and the full moon sings for your holiness. The whole country is celebrating together. We wish you: motherland and mother!

5. Looking back on the Yangtze River, there were many loyal and courageous heroes. The revolution of 1911 shed blood and opened a new era in history. Benevolent and righteous people are willing to contribute, and the land of China is changing into a new day. Today, I wish the motherland prosperity and strength and a harmonious society.

6. One, two, three, four, five, sixty-seven. It's a happy National Day. The motherland is becoming more and more beautiful. It's hard for old friends to forget. I always want to give some gifts during the holidays. I don't have RMB in my pocket. In order to make you sweet, so I send a short message. Happy National Day!

7. Record history with bells, inspire the present with applause, look forward to the future with songs, greet the dawn with laughter, send off the sunset with piano sound, forge hope with hammer sound, motherland! May my sincere blessing accompany you with your endless brilliance.

8. Only when everyone is patriotic can we live in a harmonious and unified family, make our motherland more and more prosperous and people's life more and more beautiful!

9. China red, red sun, sun red, Red China, Red China, red sun, red life, red career, red people, China red!

10. Wish the motherland a bluer sky, greener mountains, clearer water, more prosperous economy, happier people and stronger national strength.

11. Magnificent mountains and rivers show China and celebrate the eternal spring of the motherland; The land of China is jubilant and wishes the motherland eternal peace; The heroes of the whole country have opened a new situation and hope that the motherland will be more prosperous; The people of the whole country celebrate together and wish the motherland stronger!

12. Walk into any door of Doraemon a, open the door of sweet love and happiness, open the door of prosperity, open the door of safe life, open the door of health and longevity, open the door of harmonious family reunion, and open the door of prosperity of a strong motherland.

13. Motherland, I hope you have the purity and beauty of children, the firmness and strength of youth and the indifference and wisdom of the elderly. May you shine forever!

14. Through the vicissitudes of life, the motherland has been sad and sad for several times and will never be forgotten. The bitterness has been exhausted and the sweetness has been tasted. The happy flowers are quietly opening, singing songs of praise with enthusiasm, blood boiling and joy. May the great motherland be more prosperous and strong!

15. Greetings, I send my parents, sweet and greasy words, I give my lover, blessings, I send my friends, full of love, I give my motherland, the National Day is coming, may our motherland become stronger and stronger, and wish the motherland a happy birthday!

A complete collection of English handwritten newspaper pictures about National Day