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How about sweating a lot in early autumn

Generally, our human body only sweats a lot under high temperature or after a lot of exercise, but some friends say it's still easy to sweat in autumn. What's going on?

Sweat is an important way for the human body to regulate body temperature. The evaporation of sweat can take away the excess heat of the human body. The human body can adjust the speed of heat exchange between the human and the environment by adjusting the amount of sweat, so as to keep the human body temperature relatively constant. And the amount of sweating also determines the amount of metabolic waste that can be excreted with sweat. Moreover, sweat also contains a variety of substances. The amount of sweating can also affect the balance of electrolytes and trace elements in human body fluid. Therefore, the normal and abnormal sweating is of great importance. We must prevent it early. Don't wait for obvious abnormal sweating to be nervous and take action. However, abnormal sweating may be a disease signal sent by the body.

Inducement of qi deficiency and spontaneous sweating

Improper exercise and medication lead to sweating and Qi diarrhea with sweat, resulting in lung qi deficiency. The ancients told us over a long period of time that the human body needs exercise, but exercise should be moderate; When you feel wind cold evil, you need to sweat to solve the surface, but sweat should also be moderate. Excessive exercise and excessive use of sweating drugs will lead to sweating, and even sweat like a spring. Lung Qi will leak out of the body with sweat, resulting in lung qi deficiency.

Abnormal sweating of head and face

The head is the place where Yang Qi is most abundant. Once there is sweat on the head and there is no or little sweat on the whole body, or sweating often, it often means that Yang Qi is weak or stomach fire is strong. It is recommended to see a doctor for conditioning in time; If the forehead often sweats a lot, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it may be caused by hyperactivity of liver Yang; If the nose always sweats at ordinary times, it indicates that the lung qi is insufficient and needs to be regulated and replenished, that is, the immunity considered by western medicine is low.

Abnormal axillary sweating - heavy taste

Let's start with an attempt. The large sweat glands of the human body are distributed in specific parts such as armpits, areola and anus, so these places are more prone to sweating. If the sweat secretion is too strong and the smell is very strong, it may indicate that the taste of daily diet is too heavy and eat too many onions, garlic, onions and other foods.

Chest sweating -- loss of spleen and stomach

Diagnosis: if the chest often sweats, traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of spleen stomach disharmony, indicating that the blood circulation in the body is very slow and the oxygen transportation is not smooth.

Suggestion: don't worry too much, eat less greasy and cold food, and drink with Astragalus and jujube in water at ordinary times, which can alleviate symptoms.

Therefore, after sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, eating more foods with high potassium can timely supplement the potassium lost in the body, so as to improve the mental state.

1. Fruits with high potassium content include bananas, strawberries, oranges, grapes and grapefruit.

2. Vegetables with high potassium content: spinach, potatoes, soybeans, spring bamboo shoots, amaranth, rape, celery, green onions, garlic, fennel and other vegetables are extremely rich in potassium.

3. Beans with high potassium content: black beans, broad beans, soybeans and kelp, laver, yellow croaker, chicken, milk, corn flour and buckwheat flour also have a certain amount of potassium.

4. Tea is also rich in potassium, accounting for about 1.1% ~ 2.3% of tea. Drinking more tea is also one of the effective ways to supplement potassium.