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Under the bed, the female neighbor next door forgot her key and climbed back over the wall

On September 10, the people's Court of Qingdao City, Shandong Province arrested and summoned song Moumou, the executee, to court. As a result, he didn't knock on the door for half a day. The police felt something was wrong: 'climb the wall, climb the wall, someone passed'!

In order to avoid debt, song also fought hard! Police officers immediately came to song's neighbor's house and didn't see anyone for a long time.

There is a small cabinet under the neighbor's bed. Shouldn't she be in it? As soon as the result opens & hellip; Really! At the scene, even the police shouted: scare me, you!

What's more funny is that song ran in a hurry when he climbed the wall. He didn't bring his home key. If he wanted to go home, he had to turn back & hellip& hellip; So she slipped her shoes and climbed up the ladder & hellip& hellip; This time, the police helped her hold the ladder with both hands and had to remind her from time to time: hold it, hold it & hellip& hellip;

It is understood that song borrowed 90000 yuan from the plaintiff in 2014 and did not pay back after the agreed date. Finally, she was detained for 15 days for refusing to repay the money and refusing to comply with the sentence & hellip& hellip;

It's natural to owe money!

Source: life daily