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Lei Jun diss what did Apple Huawei say? Why do you rub your friends on the ground

yesterday, at the new product launch of Xiaomi 5g, Xiaomi brought us the new Xiaomi 9 Pro 5g and the original surround screen mix alpha.

At the press conference, when Lei Jun talked about Xiaomi's wireless recoil, he said, 'have you heard of wireless recoil? Wireless recoil can in turn charge other mobile phones, and Xiaomi 9 Pro itself is a charger that can directly charge the iPhone. With Xiaomi 9 pro, you have the whole circle of friends. "

Lei Jun also said that we tested it. Charging the iPhone for 10 minutes flushed 7%, and being able to call for 55 minutes is comparable to wired charging. Compared with friends, Xiaomi wireless reverse fast charging is twice as fast as Huawei. Let's see how we press friends on the ground.