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MIUI 11 open internal test application! MIUI 11 steps for applying for internal test qualification

Forenoon: official account of rice is released on 24 May. Two new machines are released this morning. Meanwhile, the public address of MIUI 11 has opened the MIUI 11 application. It is undoubtedly a good news for rice noodles. MIUI has been developing very well after so many years of development. The most important thing for the rice noodles who want to apply for the experience is the way of application.

Rice noodles official account for MIUI 11 qualification is required to enter the official account'MIUI', reply to'MIUI11', get the application code, click the "preemptive experience" button below the MIUI public dialogue page, fill in the application code, submit the application after selecting the model, and then download the MIUI 11 preemptive experience package after the approval is passed (the application time is September 24th, 10:00-9, 26 MIUI 12:00).

According to the official information, the models that can participate in the internal test of MIUI 11 include redmi note 4x, redmi 4x, redmi note 5A Standard Version, redmi note 5A high configuration version, Xiaomi 5C, Xiaomi Max 2, Xiaomi note 2, Xiaomi mix, Xiaomi 5S, redmi 5a, redmi 5, redmi 5 plus, Xiaomi 5x, Xiaomi play, redmi 6a, redmi 6, Xiaomi note 3, redmi note 5, Xiaomi 6x, redmi 6 Pro Redmi note 7, redmi note 7 Pro, Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi mix 2, Xiaomi 8 se, Xiaomi 8 youth version, Xiaomi max 3, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version, Xiaomi mix 3, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version, Xiaomi mix 2S, Xiaomi 9 se, Xiaomi cc9, Xiaomi cc9 Meitu customized version, redmi K20, Xiaomi 9, redmi K20 pro and other 38 mobile phones can apply.

According to the previous information, the newly upgraded MIUI 11 has been optimized in many functions, and the UI design is more concise. It has launched three new functions for families: Children's space, earthquake warning and family protection. It's very considerate. Friends who want to feel MIUI 11 first should try it quickly.