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How high is the coincidence rate between postgraduate entrance examination and CET6? Can I pass CET-

Many students want to pass CET-6 by carrying the vocabulary of postgraduate entrance examination, but is this really OK? Let's take a look at the explanation from the people who came here!

The English level of postgraduate entrance examination in China is equivalent to cet-5, and the basic English level of college students with bachelor's degree (Non-English Major) can reach CET-4. Therefore, it depends on whether you have enough time and the basis of English vocabulary. If you have enough time and a large vocabulary, you can recite CET-6 vocabulary. After all, you only recite postgraduate entrance examination vocabulary, and CET-6 is basically hopeless.

If you have a good foundation, recite CET-6 vocabulary, and take the postgraduate entrance examination vocabulary is equivalent to winning it. If the foundation is weak and time is tight, you'd better recite the vocabulary of the postgraduate entrance examination. At least you can pass the same item. CET-6 depends on your luck!