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What day is father's Day 2017? What's the gift for father on father's Day

Mother's love is intimate, but father's love is deep in my heart. It's father's day again. Do you want to give your father any gifts? Fatherly love is deep and great. Sometimes they are not good at expressing it, but their love for you will not decrease. What's the date of father's day in 2017?

On Sunday, June 18, 2017, father's Day is the third Sunday in June!

Glasses or hearing aids

Take your father to the regular glasses shop for a comprehensive vision test and choose a new pair of glasses! For him, the next most important thing is the quality of the lenses.

Note: you must take your father to the optician's to check your eyesight, or you will waste it if you buy it back! Or you can buy a hearing aid for the father who has some back ears.

Send a greeting card or make a phone call

Call dad and tell him you care and thank you. Send a card, write your mind on the electronic card, and let the funny animation and intimate words convey your mind for you. This is best for many children working in the field. If you write a long letter to your father, I'm afraid he will be very happy!

Watch: let dad think of it as a gift from his children every time he looks at the time. When others ask about it, he is also very proud!

Note: try to choose the ones with better quality and higher grade. In this way, we can keep it all the time and pass it on from generation to generation, but the price is a little expensive!


It's a very practical gift, which can be used every day. You need to buy a full-automatic one, so Dad can use it conveniently!

Note: pay attention to the quality when buying this thing. It's comfortable to use. Dad is very happy with it. It's easy to buy a razor. It must be used, and you don't have to worry about buying it wrong or not using it back!

Make a meal for Dad

Cook for Dad. Usually because of busy work, there are many social activities, so let mom rest today, fight for the kitchen to do it by yourself, and go to the kitchen for Dad himself. It doesn't matter if you don't have a good workmanship. The key is that the food you cook today has a lot of 'seasoning' - a blessing to your father. This must make dads feel different! Note: it's better to know what Dad likes to eat!