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How do wechat avatars carry national flags? Please give me a national flag. How can I get it

The National Day is coming soon. Recently, the wechat circle of friends was given me a national flag @ wechat official swiped the screen. I don't know whether everyone's circle of friends swiped the screen. Many friends changed into wechat avatars with small flags, which looks like national day. Today, I'll tell you how to get wechat avatars with national flags and how to wear national flags on wechat avatars? The method is actually very simple.

What I want to say here is that it's useless to send 'give me a flag @ wechat official' in the circle of friends. Wechat officials don't add a flag directly to you. In fact, this is a continuous marketing method. You don't need to send the Aite wechat official in the circle of friends at all, but sending the circle of friends can express your love for the motherland, hee hee.

Therefore, the correct way is to enter the [Tencent News assistant] applet to find a new face for the national day. After clicking in, you can choose the following avatars. However, because it is popular now, the system often makes mistakes. Just try a few more times.

Does it feel interesting? The key is to publicize China's national day through such a small activity, which makes the atmosphere of National Day stronger. After all, many people like some western festivals and ignore Chinese festivals.