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Why do Swiss people resist 5g? Politicians say someone incited

"Although researchers agree that the radiation of 5g network is no different from that of previous mobile networks, people still have a great sense of insecurity." Switzerland's "federal newspaper" 22 reported that thousands of Swiss people demonstrated in the capital Bern on the 21st to protest the "forced radiation" of 5g network and asked to suspend the construction of 5g network.

Swiss news agency said on the 22nd that these people gathered in front of the Swiss Parliament building, holding placards such as "5g violates human rights" and "5g brings risks to health, environment, democracy and security". 5g is always faster and higher, at the expense of human beings and the environment - stop 5g ". They also accused the authorities and the telecommunications industry of putting economic interests first and lying boldly to the public.

The protest was launched by the Swiss environmental and consumer organization frequencia. Woolman, chairman of the organization, said: "the fact that so many people gather today is a strong signal for the uncontrolled 5g construction." In May this year, the organization organized a rally. The Swiss Federation of doctors also advocates that 5g new technology should be cautious. Some people also launched an online petition with the goal of collecting 100000 signatures to force the government to hold a referendum and let the people decide whether to suspend 5g construction. Critics believe that compared with previous generations of networks, the electromagnetic radiation of 5g networks will pose unprecedented health and environmental risks.

Switzerland is one of the first countries to introduce 5g in the world. The Swiss authorities sold 5g spectrum to three major telecom operators in February. By July this year, 334 5g launch stations had been put into operation in Switzerland. However, the Swiss "Sunday weekly" said that at present, one-third of 5g antennas in Switzerland have been suspended due to objection. Due to the opposition of the people, the construction of 5g facilities was postponed in many states such as Geneva, Vaud and Fribourg.

The Swiss government previously said that the 5g suspension campaign in some states did not comply with legal procedures, and the radiation of mobile antenna and its impact on health should be borne by the Federation. Swiss congressman litscher hopes that all parties in Switzerland will objectively debate 5g radiation, 'many people are upset because some false news is spreading everywhere'. ' The Swiss government should take tougher action against the false information of 5g. " Svante, boss of sunrise, Switzerland's second-largest telecom operator, said Switzerland should not resist new technologies. Many researchers also said that the radiation of 5g network is no different from that of other mobile networks, or even weaker. Some politicians pointed out that some parties incite unknown people to boycott 5g network for political interests, which is unfavorable to Switzerland's technological progress. Nevertheless, the Swiss government has appointed an expert group to investigate the risks of 5g network, and the research results will be published before the end of the year.