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Where to play in the golden week of the eleventh? 5 most beautiful routes recommended for self drivi

Soon, this year's 11 golden week is coming. I don't know if you are ready to take your relatives and friends to where to spend this national day? Here are some of the most beautiful routes for self driving tour. There are few people and beautiful scenery!

1. Ejina: only 21 days a year

In autumn, we must go to see the Populus euphratica forest once. Seeing that the layer of forest is dyed and spread across the sky, the golden yellow in front of us seems to enter a fairytale world, which is beautiful and pure. Life burns wantonly on every Populus euphratica tree.

Ejina Populus euphratica forest is the most beautiful desert beauty and the most gorgeous Populus euphratica forest in China!

Ejina Populus euphratica forest tourist area has the most wonderful autumn scenery in China. It has a Populus euphratica forest that will not die for three thousand years, will not fall after three thousand years, and will not fall after three thousand years. It was famous all over the world for a forest showdown between Zhang Manyu and Zhang Ziyi in Zhang Yimou's hero. Now it has attracted countless people from all over the country.

Although the scenic area is open all year round, Populus euphratica may be beautiful with its life. The most beautiful season is from late September to mid October every year, which is only more than 20 days, especially the golden week of national day, which is the most golden day of Populus euphratica.

In the two or three weeks before and after the National Day every year, the Populus euphratica festival will be held here to watch the gorgeous golden Populus euphratica forest and the boundless desert.

In addition to Populus euphratica forest, it is also a good choice to see colorful Danxia in Zhangye. Zhangye Danxia Geopark is one of the areas with the largest and best development of Danxia landform and the most abundant landform modeling in China. Danxia landform is magnificent and colorful.

There are also high-altitude projects such as paragliding, helicopter and hot-air balloon in the park.


In golden autumn, the Populus euphratica forest in Ejina Banner and Danxia landform will travel by car on the 9th

2. Autumn self driving tour along the Sino Russian border

China National Geographic magazine has traveled all over China to look for the top ten most beautiful autumn colors in China. Hulunbuir's autumn has been selected as the most beautiful autumn color in China by National Geographic magazine. The fairy tale autumn of Erguna river is waiting for you and me.

The Daxinganling area is bounded by the thousands of miles of Xiaoxing'an Mountains in the East, the endless Hulunbuir grassland in the west, the vast and fertile Songnen Plain in the South and the Sino Russian border river Heilongjiang in the north. The scenery in summer has been beautiful to many people, and autumn has a different style!

'Xishuangbanna in the South and mordaga in the North' mordaga is only open in summer and autumn, and the opening time in autumn is only about a month. Therefore, its autumn scenery seems to be compressed. Thick ink and thick color are amazing.

Along the way, the river is open and quiet. The river twists and turns. It flows willfully and gently on the vast grassland. Mountains and rivers are accompanied by blue sky, white clouds and cattle and sheep like pearls. Shiwei is located in the northwest border of the motherland, at the north foot of Daxinganling, in the northwest of Erguna City, and on the other side is the small Russian village oloch.

Or walk in the colorful Manzhouli commercial street in Manzhouli and feel the exotic customs of Sino Russian border cities.

You can not only touch the purest autumn scenery, but also feel the exotic customs. How can you miss this route to enjoy autumn again?

3. Self driving trip to the north and Autumn

On this national day, instead of going to the crowded 5A scenic spot, come here to experience the autumn of China's northernmost country and exotic customs!

Arctic village, the northernmost town, is a good choice for tourism and vacation.

This is not only a good place to 'look for the North' and enjoy the scenery of the north, but also the best choice to watch the magical aurora and polar day. At the same time, it is also one of the best places to see the Milky way and various constellations in China.

It is located at the foot of Qixing mountain at the north foot of Daxinganling Mountains and faces ignaino village in Amur Prefecture of Russia across the river. It is known as "Arctic village" and "never night city". Most of the residential houses are bungalows of brick and tile structure. In addition, there are still some small wooden houses of "carved wood".

There are many northernmost villages in the village, such as the northernmost post office, the northernmost passenger station, the northernmost hospital, the northernmost dumpling restaurant, and the most outstanding is the Arctic court. It looks like a simple villa painted with exterior latex paint.

In addition to looking for the north, the autumn here is also first-class. Whether it is Ewenki reindeer Park, or the Great Xing'an Mountains and Nenjiang plain overlooking from the top, you will find that the autumn here is very different from other places!

4. Unique autumn tour in Western Sichuan

The weather turns cool and autumn is getting stronger. The most gorgeous season in Western Sichuan is coming. If autumn on the Western Sichuan Plateau is compared to a painting, this painting is definitely a splash ink landscape with thick ink and heavy color.

The beauty of this kind of rough Kuang is natural, just like a painter with a bamboo in his heart. After brewing emotions, he waves it and drinks it in one breath.

No matter how dark your heart is, as long as you face such great beauty, your locked eyebrows will naturally relax. Enjoying autumn in Western Sichuan is not only a way to feel the beauty of the world, but also a great recipe to sweep away the inner haze.

Here in autumn is the world of color, just like the gods in the sky overturned the paint box and spread a full ditch, which makes people intoxicated.

Entering the west of Sichuan, you will be faced with trees of various colors, colorful and well lit. It's not too much to describe him with the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

Four Girls Mountain:

Every October or so, Siguniang mountain is so beautiful that it breaks my heart. At this time, it is colorful everywhere. It's really beautiful! Light yellow, red, pink, green & hellip& hellip; Colorful, like a palette, the colorful forest in Siguniang mountain scenic area is particularly pleasant against the background of ice and snow, which is really intoxicating.

Xindu bridge:

Xindu bridge is a picturesque paradise. With unique light and shadow, winding streams, golden cypress poplar and rolling mountains, Tibetan stockaded villages are scattered, and cattle and sheep eating grass are rippling in the grassland and mountains. The natural beauty makes people relaxed, happy and intoxicated & hellip& hellip;

Inaki Ading:

Autumn is the most poetic season for Yading in Daocheng. It is not too much to use the word 'absolutely beautiful'. Next to the charming red grass beach at first sight, 10000 mu of poplar trees complement each other with blue sky and white clouds.

Suddenly, the Buddha fell into the ocean of color. Fiery red, golden yellow and blue are the most precious pigments collected by the great artist of nature for a long time. They were splashed between heaven and earth in this moment. No matter from what point of view, the viewfinder frame is always a beautiful picture.

In autumn, go to West Sichuan. The autumn scenery is charming and colorful everywhere, which makes people forget to visit and return!

Specific route: Chengdu - Siguniang mountain - Danba - Bamei - Daofu - Ganzi - xinluhai - manigange - yaqingsi - cuopugou - Litang - Shangri La town - Daocheng Yading - Blackstone city - Muya Holy Land - Xinduqiao - Chengdu

Specific route: Chengdu - Siguniang mountain - Danba - Tagong Grassland - Yajiang - cuopugou - Batang - heishicheng - Xinduqiao - meiziyakou - shangmuju - Yaha Yakou - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Chengdu

Specific route: Chengdu - markang - Seda - Xinduqiao - Daocheng - Shangri La town - Yading scenic spot - Daocheng - Xinduqiao - Kangding - Ya'an - Chengdu

5. Visit the most beautiful autumn scenery in southern Xinjiang

When more and more travelers set their eyes on the beautiful Xinjiang, and when everyone is obsessed with the scenery of Northern Xinjiang, few people have set foot in the desert highway and Tasha ancient road in southern Xinjiang.

When you walk into Nanjiang, you will find that it is not as desolate as you think. There are ancient Kashgar, rich alar golden beach and beautiful Luntai Populus euphratica Forest & hellip& hellip;

South of Tianshan Mountain is southern Xinjiang, while the exotic customs of Southern Xinjiang have not ushered in too many steps. When you are still thinking about whether Southern Xinjiang is worth visiting, Populus euphratica along the Tarim River has ushered in the most beautiful moment, with its large area and gorgeous color, which amazes every visitor.

It is worth mentioning that the Tasha ancient road in this route is accompanied by the beautiful Tashkurgan River and Yerqiang River. It is the same jumping blue ribbon that nourishes countless beautiful Xinghua villages. Across the river, there are many small villages.

Visit a small village that is independent of the world, or walk in the streets and alleys of the old city. You will inadvertently run into a window of history. Its exotic customs are enough to make you unforgettable.

Specific route: Urumqi Luntai Minfeng Hotan Shache Tasha ancient road crossing Tashkurgan hongqilaf Tashkurgan Kashgar Urumqi