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Chen long missed Zhongyu's final and fought hard for 87 minutes, regretting his defeat

Original title: China Badminton Open: Chen long lost to taotian Xiandou and missed the final

Chen long missed Zhongyu's final and fought hard for 87 minutes, regretting his defeat

At the men's singles semi-final of the 2019 China Badminton Open on the 21st, Rio Olympic champion Chen Long fought with the number one seed and Japanese famous player taotian for 87 minutes. Finally, he was reversed by his opponent after winning the first game, so he was missed the final.

Chen long had five wins and three losses in the previous eight hands, but Chen Long was reversed in the last hand.

On the same day, the game fell into a stalemate from the beginning. In the first game, both sides had an offensive against each other. However, when Xiandou Toyoda took the lead 19-15, Chen Long scored 6 points in a row and won the first game 21-19.

At the beginning of the second inning, the two sides still had a tight score. After a 5-Draw, Chen Long took the lead by 4 points in a row; However, after 12:7, Chen Long made continuous mistakes, and taotian Xiandou scored 6 points, surpassing again; After the two sides fought to a draw of 18, kendou Toyoda seized the opportunity to score three points in a row to pull back a game 21-18.

In the crucial decisive game, the two sides once drew to 16, but then taotian Xiandou won 5 points in a row, thus winning 21-16, beating Chen Long 2-1 to advance to the finals. The opponent in the finals was Indonesia's famous Jin Ting.

After the game, Chen Long said that both of them played their best level in this game, while Xiandou taotian said that Chen long had strong control and he had been led by him. For him, the most important thing is to give full play to his best state.

In the women's singles semi-final, Chen Yufei, the first sister of Guoyu, was reversed by her opponent by pulling two innings 21-13 and 22-20 in the first set of 21-6 victory over Dai Ziying, a famous Chinese Taipei player. Dai Ziying will compete with Marin of Spain, the champion of the Rio Olympic Games.

Two pairs of Chinese mixed doubles combinations Wang Yilv / Huang Dongping and Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong beat their semi-finals opponents to advance to the finals, so as to lock the mixed doubles champion in advance.

The men's doubles combination Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen lost 0-2 to the Indonesian combination Ashan / Hendra and missed the final. In the women's doubles, Chen Chenchen / Jia Yifan beat the Korean combination Zhang Yina / Jin Huilin 2-1 to reach the final.