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Mango TV Liu Lu who is Liu Lu photo profile background introduction

Mango TV Liu Lu who is Liu Lu photo profile background introduction

On September 18, I believe many netizens were swiped by the six characters' public figure Liu Lu '. What exactly is the stem of' public figure Liu Lu '? Who's Liu Lu? She's the owner of the high-speed railway station. Actress Liu Lu became famous overnight and her private photo was picked. After the incident broke out yesterday, actress Liu Lu has been terminated by mango TV, the original brokerage company. What's the angry thing about actress Liu Lu?

Liu Lu's personal data

Actress Liu Lu, 20 years old, is a student of Nanyi performance department. She was born in Jiangsu on January 2, 1999. It is reported that she was on "every day up" in 2016. It was revealed that actress Liu Lu had just signed a contract with mango TV and had no works yet. She starred in an online drama "three thousand crows kill", playing Qingqing in the drama. In addition, in "time and you are very good" Liu Lu also appeared in the boot press conference, but now it has also been deleted. I wonder if it will be changed.

After the exposure on September 18, mango TV issued a document late last night to apologize for the behavior of the company's artist Liu Lu and said that it had terminated its contract with Liu Lu. At present, Liu Lu is facing the result of self destruction of her future. So, what happened to Liu Lu? On September 2, Liu Lu appeared at the East Yichang railway station in Hubei Province. When passing the security check, regardless of the persuasion of the security check personnel, she entered the waiting room with prohibited items (air tanks).

Persuaded by security personnel, actress Liu Lusheng said she didn't want to take her to the bus and would put it down at the ticket gate. But people with common sense know that security has been checked before entering the waiting room, that is, brush off the dangerous goods on your body, and then you can ask someone to take them back. However, actress Liu Lu has always denied it, made unreasonable arguments and even been warned. This is not only a quality problem, but also exposed family upbringing.

Liu Lu made a big noise at the high-speed railway station

In the process of law enforcement by the staff, actress Liu Lu was once very excited and had a bad attitude. She also choked the police. She said, 'I'm a public figure, you're over', which was directly ridiculed by netizens. This was the worst time that a public figure was blacked. Therefore, how did the public figure Liu Lu come from, and this stem came into being. Liu Lu, who has not yet become popular, became famous overnight, but it may be an accident that Liu Lu's acting career is here, or it is very difficult.