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The United States acknowledges the authenticity of UFOs. What UFOs are is unknown

(original title: the spokesman of the US Navy acknowledged the authenticity of UFO video for the first time: This is an object we have not confirmed)

For many years, people have been wondering whether the so-called UFO (unidentified flying object) photos you see really exist. However, on September 18, Beijing time and the early morning of September 18, local time, the US Navy recognized for the first time that the former singer Tom & middot; The three UFO videos provided by de Lange and published by the new york times are real.

US Navy spokesman Joseph middot; "The US Navy believes that the phenomena contained and described in these three videos are real and unknown to us," grescher said

This statement has been confirmed by many other media. Fox News of the United States has contacted the navy to ask for more comments on this statement.

The media reporter who heard the Navy spokesman's statement at that time told Fox News that he was surprised by the language used by the navy in the official statement.

This is called Little John & middot; Greenwald's reporter said: 'I thought when the Navy spoke to these videos, they would say it was a UAV or a balloon. But they didn't. They said the phenomenon was not confirmed and unknown. It made me surprised, curious and excited, and motivated to try to find the truth. "

Louis middot, former head of the Pentagon's senior aerospace threat identification program; Elizondo had previously said that people should not speculate about UFOs, but should pay attention to the government's comments on UFOs.

So what is the UFO in the picture? I'm afraid we have to wait for more answers.