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Old godmother launches magic advertising PK another brand old brand opens a younger marketing method

Recently, the old godmother launched a magic advertisement. A video advertisement of the old godmother was posted on the microblog hot search. The house man Goddess' old godmother 'turned into a Lori girl, coupled with the dance of ghosts and animals and the continuous cycle of brainwashing divine music, attracted many netizens to watch and discuss.

It is understood that the old godmother has always regarded herself as "no listing, no publicity and no financing". This time, she has produced an advertising film for the first time. Is this the rhythm of "true fragrance"?

Screenshot of Laoganma video advertisement source: Tencent video

01 old godmother 'earth shaking MV' heated discussion

Recently, the otaku goddess "old godmother" got together to shoot a cost-effective video advertisement. The earth shaking music and magic lyrics of "unscrew godmother and see through everything" are quite brainwashing:

It's more than two years since Da Zhuang graduated. He hasn't found a job yet

This is Xiaocui working overtime at more than two o'clock. She is so hungry that she shivers

He took out the chili sauce. Wow, it tastes good

Check it out

Dream ahead, eat well is cost-effective

Unscrew the godmother and see through everything

Unscrew the godmother and see through everything

After the release of the above video advertisement, it aroused heated discussion among netizens. Zhongxin Jingwei noted that as of the morning of September 18, there had been more than 2000 discussions on the topic of "old Ganma earth shaking MV" on the microblog, and the reading volume had reached 3.87 million.

Some netizens said: 'as soon as the advertisement came out, they suddenly woke up. In addition to kneading instant noodles, they can also twist the old godmother and decompress it in the supermarket.' Some netizens said, 'turn on the godmother, see through everything, and be brainwashed successfully.' It's really tuhi. " Grounding and fitting the product, this dance can be said to be unforgettable. " It turns out that this is the correct way for the old godmother to open it. " Godmother, you've changed. "

It is worth mentioning that Lao Ganma has always regarded herself as "not listed, not publicized and not financing". It is understood that Tao Huabi, the founder of Laoganma, has repeatedly rejected the listing proposal of local governments, and even put forward the "theory of listing and encircling money", believing that "listing is cheating people's money". Not only that, Lao Ganma has repeatedly stressed that the company will not advertise.

On September 18, Zhongxin Jingwei called Lao Ganma about the above video advertisement, and the relevant staff said they were "not sure." Our head office does not advertise. It may be done by the following dealers or distributors. " The staff member said so.

02 'new forces of chili sauce' enter, old godmother wants to change

Although Lao Ganma insists that she has not 'changed her mouth', in fact, the above advertisement is not the first time that Lao Ganma, a spicy sauce brand founded for more than 20 years, has changed.

Last September, at the New York Fashion Week in spring and summer, a sweater printed with the head of Tao Huabi, the Chinese 'National Goddess' and the English words' sauces Queen' appeared on the T-stage. Tmall's flagship store took advantage of the opportunity to launch the '99 bottles of tmall + OC custom clothes' chili sauce package, as well as promotional activities such as giving OC custom clothes for 1999 yuan and OC custom aprons for 999 yuan.

Insiders pointed out that the old godmother made the above changes, or to meet the challenges from the 'new forces of chili sauce'.

Statistics show that in May 2016, veteran singer Lin Yilun founded the chili sauce brand "rice Lord", aiming at the middle class and young internet groups. With the star aura, he quickly became popular on the Internet. He sold 30000 bottles in two days and three months, and obtained a financing of 83 million yuan, with a valuation of 360 million yuan.

In September of the same year, crosstalk actor Yue Yunpeng established the "Hi PI Yue Yunpeng Star Store", which sold 18600 bottles of chili sauce in the first month of its launch. After that, actor Huang Lei also launched his own spicy sauce brand hand in hand.

Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert and founder of Jiude positioning consulting company, pointed out that Lao Ganma is currently facing challenges from some competitors. After taking office, the new management may be eager to make adjustments in business strategy and marketing form to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition.

It is understood that in June 2014, the ownership structure of the old godmother changed. Tao Huabi transferred only 1% of the equity held by Tao Huabi to his second son Li Miaohang (formerly known as Li Hui). Li Miaohang held 51% and Li Guishan (Tao Huabi's eldest son) held 49%. This means that the old godmother has entered the 'post Tao Huabi era'.

Xu Xiongjun analyzed to China new longitude and latitude that Lao Ganma has always firmly grasped the leading position in the chili sauce market over the years of development and is far ahead. 'Lao Ganma has a strong position, especially in terms of consumers' brand awareness. Although the entry threshold of the chili sauce industry is not high and there are no obvious technical barriers, it is still difficult for latecomers to shake Lao Ganma's market position. "

However, according to Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China's food industry, with the change of consumer subjects and the increasingly prominent phenomenon of consumption stratification, if Lao Ganma wants to hold this market, she must invest more energy in innovation, including management concept, advertising and marketing.

It is worth mentioning that the old godmother is facing not only 'foreign aggression', but also 'internal worries'. According to media reports, in May this year, the old godmother's formula was leaked, and the company's former employees switched to other factories, resulting in the loss of more than 10 million yuan; In August, Laoganma's factory caught fire, and the production capacity of the fire plant accounted for nearly 1 / 3 of Laoganma's total production capacity.

Not only that, many consumers also reported that "the old godmother has changed her taste." Once, I bought two cans of old godmothers online, and one of them became moldy soon after opening. I've never encountered this situation before. " Mr. Li, who lives in Beijing, told Zhongxin Jingwei.

At the same time, some netizens left a message on the microblog saying that "the taste of old godmother is not as good as before" and "the taste is really much worse than before, only the brand is left".

Zhu danpeng said that at present, China's FMCG industry presents a development trend of multi brand, multi category, multi-channel, multi scene and multi consumption. In such an overall environment, enterprises only rely on their own precipitation and accumulation for many years to promote development, which is relatively slow and difficult to last. " Therefore, it is very necessary to use some external forces, such as advertising marketing and capital operation, to complete the advanced development of the enterprise. "