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Gates donated more than 35 billion! Net assets still increased by US $16 billion, ranking second in

Original title: after gates donated more than 35 billion, his net assets still increased by $16 billion

On the morning of September 18, Beijing time, despite donating more than $35 billion to public welfare organizations, Microsoft founder Bill & middot; Bill Gates' net assets still increased by $16 billion this year. This makes his total wealth reach $106 billion, ranking second in the world, second only to Amazon CEO Jeff & middot; Jeff Bezos. From 1994 to 2018, the actual donations made by Mr. and Mrs. gates reached $36 billion.

Gates told Bloomberg Television on Tuesday: 'in terms of investment, we have not taken a defensive stance, that is, we mainly hold cash or similar instruments. Our investment strategy is that stocks account for more than 60%

For a rich man like gates, investing $60 billion in stocks or index funds is a radical investment strategy. According to a report by Campden wealth, in 2018, an average of about 32% of the asset portfolio of family funds in North America was stocks.

Generally speaking, investors may be more diversified in asset classes, including government bonds and real estate. However, Gates said he was "optimistic" about American and global enterprises. " You can say that the yield will not be very high, but it is true for all asset classes. For example, the yield of 10-year Treasury bonds is much lower than 2%. It is reasonable to believe that the absolute rate of return in the next 10 years will be lower than that in the past few decades. "

The United States is now in a decade of economic growth, the longest in history.

Gates' public welfare activities are mainly completed through the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation is committed to addressing global inequalities in health and education, the climate crisis and hunger. In the United States, the foundation wants to ensure that all students graduate from high school.