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Junior students won the bid for the birth of the mascot lantern baby Xue Rongrong of the winter Para

Junior students won the bid for the mascot of the winter Paralympic Games: they were rejected 3 days before the deadline, redesigned and selected unexpectedly. On the 17th, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games was released. The "ice pier" was designed by the team of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts. It is a space panda from the future. " Xuerongrong 'was designed by a junior at Jilin Academy of art. It was rejected by the teacher three days before the deadline for submission. After the redesign, it was accidentally selected.

Lanterns were chosen as the mascot prototype of the 2022 winter Paralympic Games in Beijing. It was a bold and lovely decision. As one of the symbols of Chinese culture that has gone through thousands of years, 'xuerongrong' appears in a warm and playful face, which is not only an innovation, but also a kind of self-confidence.

With the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games' bingdundun ', there is also the mascot of the winter Paralympic Games' xuerongrong'. Unlike 'bingdundun' born under the top graphic design professor of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, the inspiration of 'xuerongrong' comes from Jiang Yufan, a junior student of Jilin Academy of art.

The mascot of the 2022 Beijing winter Paralympic Games' Snow Rongrong '

Recalling the birth of the lantern baby "xuerongrong", we should start with the publicity of the Winter Olympic mascot collection 11 months ago. The girl who likes to laugh and play short video selfie software almost became an 'unsung hero'.

A temporary replacement becomes a warm and surprising entry

On January 21, 2019, Jilin Institute of art, which participated in the mascot collection of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, suddenly received a notice from the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee: among the works submitted by Jiyi, the "auspicious Chinese knot and Chinese lantern image" stood out, ranked top three and entered the next round of revision.

After learning the news, the school began to consult the archived list of solicited works, but did not find the relevant information. After several twists and turns, it was determined that the shortlisted author was Jiang Yufan, a junior majoring in product design of the design college.

It turned out that Jilin Academy of Arts had organized teachers to read the manuscript as a whole before submitting it to the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. In the process of reading the draft, Feng Jianyuan, a young teacher majoring in product design, felt that there were too many designs with animal elk as the image, so she returned to the studio to ask student Jiang Yufan to replace the elk image submitted before and redesign it.

At this time, the deadline is only three days.

In the past three days, Jiang Yufan returned to the dormitory at 2 a.m. every day and forgot to eat and sleep.

Seeing that the students took animals as the theme, Jiang Yufan thought, can you use 'things'? After getting the teacher's positive reply, she designed Chinese knots and dumplings. After the latter was rejected, she also wanted to think of a 'thing' with Chinese knots.

Jiang Yufan, who likes traditional culture, was at a loss in his design when the scene of the Spring Festival in his hometown emerged in front of him.

"My family is in Jiayin County, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. This is a county with a strong festival atmosphere during the festival. Lanterns are particularly common. And our family has a long winter. It's winter for almost half a year. So & lsquo; Snow lights & rsquo; This kind of scene is very common, so it reminds me of lanterns. "

Therefore, taking Chinese knot and red lantern as creative materials, she designed a set of auspicious and satisfactory scheme, replaced the elk image submitted before, and submitted her work at the last minute. It was this temporary change of works that led to the school not retaining the work information after Jiang Yufan's replacement, but it was precisely this group of Lantern ideas for temporary replacement that became the prototype of "snow Rong Rong".

'just to express joy. The only idea in my mind at that time was that the mascot I made could represent China. " Jiang Yufan said.

'Chinese knot' return 'Lantern' must go one way to black

On January 25, after receiving the notice from the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, President Guo Chunfang led the team to Beijing to participate in the first scheme modification meeting. At the meeting, the opinion given by experts of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee was' only retain the original attribute and redesign the image '. This means that in addition to retaining the role attributes of 'Chinese knot' and 'Lantern', the overall image design should start from scratch.

After the meeting, the team members returned to Changchun on the same day and set up the 'Jiyi 1.25 Winter Olympic mascot project team' in an excited and nervous mood Excited because some works have been selected, nervous because we don't know whether our works have real results. " Feng Jianyuan recalled.

At that time, it was the school winter vacation, and there were only 10 days left from the Spring Festival. The high confidentiality of the design of the Winter Olympic mascot put forward severe requirements for the venue, equipment, personnel and logistics support.

After investigating several locations, Guo Chunfang finally selected the Jiyi expert apartment located in the residential area behind the Jiyi campus as the 'secret studio'. He quickly contacted various administrative departments and suppliers of the college to allocate resources, and also implemented logistics support such as security. He asked: 'the studio must tighten the curtains 24 hours.'

From that day on, when he was in the studio, Jiang Yufan 'didn't see the sun during the day'.

On January 27, '1.25 project team' fully entered the creative state, with only new year's Eve and new year's day off.

Like the team of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, the Spring Festival vacation plans of all team members are completely disrupted. Guo Yufeng, a doctoral student in Macao, had received all his wife, children and children to celebrate the new year in Zhuhai during the winter vacation, but after receiving the notice of joining the team, he rushed back to Changchun as soon as possible, stayed in both places with his family, and spent the Spring Festival and the whole winter vacation alone in the project team. During the Spring Festival, Jin Wei, Dean of the school of design, also brought his own ingredients and cooked in person as a part-time cook.

The scheme is constantly revised, and the opinions of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee are constantly updated and fed back.

On February 18, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee informed the Jiyi team to cancel the image design of "Chinese knot". At this time, only the 'Lantern image' in the hands of the team continues to create. If it is' killed ', it means that everyone's efforts will be wasted.

Next, the lantern image is difficult to move forward in the modification again and again, and the creative team is also facing the situation of exhausted thinking and difficult to break through.

By the time of the 8th submission to Beijing, the lantern image was basically determined. The project team needs to submit a complete cultural interpretation scheme, which should not only describe the external image, but also focus on the traditional style, humanistic vocabulary and spiritual connotation contained in the lantern itself.

It was already April 11. The Jiyi team who went to Beijing to submit the manuscript received the modification opinions of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee: 'we should put the attributes, identity and diversity of this lantern'.

"In history, the mascots of the Olympic Games (almost) did not appear as objects. They were all animals, not a living body. Can they be given life?" Guo Chunfang said that the need for personification makes the team's work enter the 'most confused and painful stage'.

In order to make 'things' live, the team has made various attempts, such as integrating the image of' deer 'and making two small horns grow on the red lantern. It has been frustrated and defeated repeatedly.

For family reasons, Jiao Qiang, member of Jiyi design team and vice president of animation college, took his young daughter to work. The cute and playful daily actions of the little girl also gave him a lot of creative inspiration and became a subtle element in his works.

This child, nicknamed 'the little mascot of our studio', gave the creators broader ideas and lighter ideas.

'at first I felt a lot of pressure to design mascots, because after all, they were made for the Olympic Games. But then I felt that instead of withstanding such great pressure, I might as well treat them as lovely little images. " Jiao Qiang said.

Later, the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee sent a picture to the Jiyi team. In the picture, old artists in Beijing were making lanterns with golden Ruyi patterns on them. So we thought of using paper-cut to reflect the pigeon, and then adding the elements of the temple of heaven and snow.

'There is a hook on the top of the lantern. We designed the hook as a ruyi. Ruyi is also interested in the Olympic main stadium (National ski jumping Center & lsquo; xueruyi & rsquo; for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games). " Guo Chunfang said.

On May 28, the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics informed that the overall scheme of "Lantern baby" was determined and the project could enter the next stage.

'at this moment, we feel great hope! But because of confidentiality, we are not sure whether this image will miscarry. " President Guo Chunfang said.

The modeling was required to be unpacked by airport security inspection

After the design scheme was determined, the team received the new task of model making from the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee on June 15.

Several young teachers in the team immediately set off for Shenzhen to investigate the production of the mascot model. Within two days, the team inspected the model making process, determined the model making and processing plant, signed a confidentiality agreement and paid the 'advance payment'.

However, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee believes that there is a risk of disclosure in such a production. In order to ensure that everything was safe, the 'advance payment' became a 'breach payment', and Jilin Academy of art had to complete the model production by itself.

The studio of more than 100 square meters in the Jiyi expert apartment soon turned into a temporary model processing factory, and the balcony of 3 square meters was converted into a spray paint room.

Team members began to learn new skills, including modeling, shell pulling, 3D printing, polishing, painting, etc. We have learned the skills of hand polishing, hand painting, assembly and combination, and everyone has several jobs.

'I feel that I have learned more during this period than I have learned in my three years of College combined!' Jiang Yufan recalled.

June was in the midsummer, the studio curtains could not be opened, and the paint booth refitted from the balcony was unbearable in the summer. Although the school installed air conditioning for the studio for the first time, more than 10 people carried out 'industrial operation', and the space was too small.

After the hard work of Zhuo Jedi, the model was built. In the process of sending it to Beijing, the airport security check repeatedly scanned the small black box with X-rays. Guo Chunfang can only explain as: "it's a toy model."

After submitting the model twice, the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee immediately gave feedback that the model is well made and hopes to try to expand its application in more fields. In the following July and August, the team completed a lot of work, such as mascot expression package, sports form, catchphrase dynamic GIF, National Day related GIF and Winter Olympic landscape application design.

The naming of the lantern baby has also made some efforts. It is finally determined as "snow Rongrong". It not only has the folk flavor of Beijing, but also harmoniously corresponds to the Winter Olympic mascot Panda "bingdundun". With two different Rong words, it can better highlight the concept of inclusiveness and integration of sports for the disabled.

Finally, on August 21, the Jiyi team came the good news to determine the lantern baby as the mascot of the 2022 winter Paralympic Games.

'I was really excited at that time. When I was given the Winter Olympic emblem brooch, my hand was shaking and I couldn't take it with me. " Jiang Yufan said.

Because of his remote location, Jiang Yufan has to toss about for nearly 20 hours every time he returns to his hometown in Heilongjiang from school. The task of the Olympic mascot made her unable to go home during winter and summer vacation. During more than ten trips to and from Beijing, she failed to see the temple of heaven on the design drawing, let alone other places of interest.

"In fact, this experience is particularly unforgettable and happy for me. I can make some contributions to the Olympic Games in my life. I'm very happy." Jiang Yufan said that in 2022, she dreamed of participating in the Winter Olympics like this:

"I just like daydreaming. I would think that when it comes to the opening ceremony, people who can wear their own mascot clothes and hug to watch the Winter Olympic Games should feel particularly magical."