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Li Nan applied for resignation? Is Li Nan's application for resignation related to the failure of th

The aftermath of China's men's basketball team's defeat in the world cup and its failure to directly qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games continues. At noon on the 18th, according to the reporter, Li Nan, head coach of the Chinese men's basketball team, has taken the initiative to resign, but still needs to wait for the approval and confirmation of the competent department.

At the World Cup held at home this year, the Chinese men's basketball team lost to Poland, Venezuela and Nigeria. Li Nan's command and employment were questioned by many parties.

After the defeat, Li Nan also expressed remorse and apology in an interview with CCTV.

"I'm very sorry that I didn't complete the task, and I feel very sorry. I'm sorry that the Basketball Association and the whole Chinese basketball industry have great expectations for our team and me, especially for the majority of fans. I blame myself."

'as for me, the coach can't escape the blame for losing the game. If it has nothing to do with the coach, it's not me. Basketball has brought me everything now. I can lose everything for basketball. I don't like coaching simply enough, but also love it. I take it as a career. "

However, Li Nan believes that his choice is not wrong for insisting on letting Zhou Qi serve the sideline ball and not letting Koran Baike play.

"We have practiced this cooperation before, so I think Zhou Qi's serve is no problem. In this process, the players have been implementing the decision of the coaching team."

"Each team and coach has their own on-the-spot guiding ideology. In addition, according to the needs of the team, up to now, only 11 people of the American team may play. Each of the five games we have played is very important, and basically 9-10 people are enough."&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;