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The temple let tigers inbreeding, 86 of 147 tigers died

Original title: the Thai Temple inbreeded 147 tigers for profit, and more than half of them died

According to foreign media reports, on September 16 local time, Thai officials said that 86 of the 147 tigers rescued from a Thai Temple three years ago had died. The main reason is that these tigers weakened their immune system due to inbreeding, and finally died due to infection with the virus.

It is reported that palang tabu temple is located about 100 kilometers west of Bangkok. It is famous for adopting tigers. It was once a famous local scenic spot. After paying the corresponding amount, tourists can take a group photo with the tiger, take a walk with the tiger, take a bath for the tiger and other activities. It is believed that palang tabu Temple makes huge profits.

In 2016, the temple was exposed to a series of scandals such as tiger abuse, tiger killing, smuggling, and so on. After that, the Thai authorities rescued nearly 147 tigers from the temple and transferred them to the animal breeding center for breeding.

However, recently, Thai media reported that more than half of these tigers have died after more than three years.

In this regard, an official of Thailand's national parks, wildlife and Plant Protection Bureau said that when they took in the tigers, they found that the DNA of the 147 tigers could be traced back to the original breeding population - six tigers. Because of inbreeding, these rescued tigers have little immunity and are easy to be infected with viruses such as canine distemper.

According to the internal information held by Thai PBS, 86 of the 147 tigers rescued from the tiger temple have died so far. However, as of September 15, Thai officials have not confirmed the number of tiger deaths.