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Hong Kong missed the top 4 of the Asian Championship and was eliminated due to few away goals

In the second round of the Asian Champions League quarter final, Shanghai went to Hong Kong to face the Japanese team Puhe red diamond, and the two teams drew 2-2 in the first round. In the 38th minute, Xing Shuan broke the deadlock for Puhe; In the second half, Wang shenchao equalized in Hong Kong. Finally, the two teams drew 1-1 and the total score was 3-3. Hong Kong missed the top four due to the disadvantage of few away goals, and was eliminated by the Japanese team for three consecutive seasons.

Competition focus

Hong Kong's first away draw with Puhe, but missed the top four: although Shanghai drew with Puhe and scored at home from Puhe for the first time, due to the disadvantage of the number of away goals, the total score of Shanghai was 3-3 out and missed the top four. In the four seasons since the Asian championship, Hong Kong has stopped the top 16 once, the top 8 twice and the top 4 once.

Puhe eliminated Shanggang twice: in the semi-final of 2017 season, Shanggang fell in front of Puhe. This time, the quarter finals met, and the failure of Shanggang revenge added new hatred.

Shanggang was eliminated by the Japanese team for three consecutive seasons: in addition to being defeated in front of Puhe twice, Shanggang was eliminated by another Japanese team, Kajima, in the 1 / 8 final of 2018 season, and was out in front of the Japanese team for three consecutive seasons.

Puhe is unbeaten in the CSL at home: after the draw in Hong Kong, Puhe has played 8 times with the CSL team at home and achieved an unbeaten record of 6 wins and 2 draws.

Wonderful playback

In the opening stage, the two sides focused more on physical confrontation. The whistle of Iraqi referee salai sounded frequently, but the Fouls of both sides were near midfield, which did not give the opponent a good opportunity to attack the goal.

In the fifth minute, Yang Shiyuan forced a cross on the right and forced him to go to Hong Kong for the first corner after the opening. Oscar sent the penalty to the front of the point, but Puhe defender grabbed the landing point to clear the perimeter. Then Oscar tried to pass the cross again on the right, but still failed to cross Puhe's front defense. Shanggang, who urgently needed a goal to open the situation, did not have many offensive methods in the absence of Hulk.

In the seventh minute, Oscar's left pick was transmitted to the door, and anautovic's short-range header missed the door, but the referee's whistle had also sounded. Before anaoka's position, Suzuki Daisu was the first to push and push Suzuki Daisu, who played in place of suspended Mauricio.

In the 9th minute, Puhe threw the right out of bounds ball. After Hashimoto cooperated with his teammates, he found Fabricio in front of the door in the arc ball of his left foot. Fabricio's head flicked off the top of the door, which was the first effective shot after the opening of the two sides. In Puhe's attack, hashaoka Dashu was suspected of taking the ball out of the sideline. The defenders in Hong Kong once turned their attention to the referee before hashaoka Dashu finally successfully completed the cross.

Gifgif port defense and short circuit

In the 14th minute, Wang shenchao stumbled over Xing Jianshen in defense. Puhe sent a free kick into the restricted area. Yu Hai's rescue was high and far away. Yan Junling was blocked by Yan Botuo when he attacked. The referee only punished Yan Botuo for an offensive foul. Yan Junling protested to the bottom line referee, and Yan Botuo also elbowed.

In the 23rd minute, Puhe threw an out of bounds ball on the left. Yang Shiyuan suddenly sprained and fell to the ground in the face of Guan Gen guida's ball breakthrough. Then the players in Hong Kong signaled to the bench that Yang Shiyuan could not insist and could only be replaced by Lin Chuangyi. For Shanggang, in the absence of ahmedov, Yang Shiyuan is injured and leaves the field, and the defensive hardness of the midfield will decrease.

Gifgif Yang Shiyuan was injured and left the field

In the 30th minute, Li Shenglong's backcourt ball was a little slow. After Puhe robbed, he pushed on the spot. Yukio Kono forced the corner with the ball, and the corner opened by Nagasawa and Hui failed to pose a threat.

In the 34th minute, Wang shenchao took the ball on the right and was stabbed away by Guan Gen guida. Wang shenchao slipped and fell down and was given a yellow card by the referee. Previously, Wang shenchao committed many fouls, and Iraqi referee salai was merciful, just a verbal warning.

In the 35th minute, Everton transferred the ball to hashaooka Dashu on the right road. Hashaooka Dashu passed the ball to the restricted area. CHANGZE and Hui threw a volley and went straight to the upper corner of the goal. Yan Junling flew to hold the ball out of the bottom line. Then, Puhe's corner attack. Everton's shot hit the Shanggang defender again and came out of the bottom line.

Gif Yan Junling

In the 37th minute, Oscar made a straight plug. Arnault turned his back and gave the ball to Lin Chuangyi on the right. In Lin Chuangyi's pass, Arnault at the front failed to win the ball, and Li Shenglong's side volley failed to hit the power. It was easily confiscated by Xichuan zhouzuo. This was the first shot after the opening of Hong Kong.

In the 38th minute, Guan Gen guida shook LV Wenjun's defense on the left road and sent it to the front of the door with the back pass. Xing Shuan headed for the top at close range when no one was watching. Although Yan Junling jumped at the ball, the ball hit Yan Junling's body and bounced under the beam. Puhe broke the deadlock, 1-0, leading 3-2 in the total score. (AFC counted the ball as Yan Junling oolong)

Gif lost the ball in Hong Kong

In the 41st minute, he went to Hong Kong to get a free kick in the front court. Oscar sent the ball to the restricted area. Arnault rubbed the header, but was snatched to the second landing point by Puhe defender.

In the 42nd minute, ANU raised his legs and brought down Daisuke Suzuki, who was given a yellow card by the referee.

Gif Arnault looked blankly

In the 45th minute, Puhe sent the corner to the goal, but Cai Huikang grabbed the first point to clear the perimeter. The ball fell in front of Fabricio at the front of the restricted area. Fabricio shot the ball. Although Yan Junling made a save and got rid of it, the second reaction was very fast. He hugged the ball and ran into Yan Junling when he scrambled, which almost caused a conflict between the two sides. Shanggang entered the second half with a score of 0-1.

Gif Yan Junling saves the ball

In the 49th minute, Li Shenglong was pushed down by Hideki Kono when competing for the top in the front of the restricted area. Oscar hung the free kick into the restricted area, Puhe guard grabbed the landing point to clear the bottom line, and Oscar sent the corner to the front point and was cleared again.

In the 51st minute, Aoki tuoya distributed the ball to Fabricio. Fabricio adjusted two steps and then fired a heavy gun, but slightly deviated from the target.

In the 53rd minute, Puhe hung the ball in front of the goal. Yan Junling attacked and destroyed the ball, but it fell at the foot of CHANGZE Hehui on the left. CHANGZE Hehui adjusted one step and passed it, and hashaogang Dashu's header missed the goal.

In the 55th minute, Shi Ke competed with Fabricio for the header, and both met head-on, but Shi Ke suffered more from the side in passive defense. However, after the team doctor's inspection, both sides were OK.

In the 56th minute, he went to Hong Kong to fight back. Oscar took the ball and went straight to find Li Shenglong for a long distance. Li Shenglong tried to eat the key and failed. The last hasty shot failed to form a threat. This was the second shot attempt of the game in Hong Kong.

In the 58th minute, Wang shenchao took the ball in the backcourt and adjusted it for many times. Finally, he stopped the ball out of bounds and directly returned the ball right to Puhe.

In the 60th minute, Lin Chuangyi threw the right out of bounds ball. Oscar stopped the ball in his chest and hit the ball near the bottom line. The ball was passed to the back point. The Puhe guard made a mistake and leaked the ball to LV Wenjun. LV Wenjun had no shooting angle and could only pass the ball back to Yu Hai. Yu Hai adjusted one step and then passed the ball. Wang shenchao killed the ghost and shot through the small gate of Xichuan zhouzuo from close range to equalise the score in Hong Kong, 1-1。

Gif Wang shenchao equalized

In the 61st minute, after the continuous transmission of Puhe right road, the low flat ball found Qiaogang Dashu in the big restricted area. Qiaogang Dashu grabbed the shot before the Shanggang guard blocked it. Yan Junling had no way to help the ball, but the ball hit the beam and popped up, and Shanggang escaped.

Gif Puhe hit the post

In the 64th minute, the shot from the rib of hashaooka Dashu's restricted area was blocked out of the bottom line by the Shanggang guard, and then the corner from Puhe was snatched to the landing point by the Shanggang guard.

In the 69th minute, Puhe made rapid progress on the right road, and hashaooka Dashu then passed the low flat ball in the inverted triangle. The front point player leaked the ball, and Xing Shuan carefully pushed the shot after taking the ball. Yan Junling easily confiscated it because the angle was too positive.

In the 70th minute, Puhe counterattacked. The long pass from CHANGZE Hehui's midfield found Xing Shuan San. Xing Shuan San bypassed the Hong Kong defense. The front of the restricted area didn't stop the ball and shot directly. Yan Junling flew to save the ball out of the bottom line.

Gif Yan Junling

In the 76th minute, Xing Shusan stopped the ball to Fabricio. Fabricio shot the ball, but Yan Junling was ready for the ball and confiscated it.

In the 82nd minute, Oscar swept the ball to anautovic when he fell to the ground. Anaugh forced a low shot and was knocked out of the bottom line by Puhe guard. Then Oscar opened a corner, but Li Shenglong's header was higher than the goal.

In the 85th minute, Zhang Wei's left cross was sent to the foot of Fu Huan at the back point. Fu Huan forcibly swept in front of the door and was blocked out of the bottom line by Puhe guard. Then the corner attack in Hong Kong failed to create a threat.

In the 89th minute, Fu Huan forced a cross from the right to force a corner. Oscar sent the corner to the door and Yu Hai grabbed the landing point and headed the goal, but it was a little wide.

In the final stage of the game, both sides were seriously overdrawn physically and failed to create a threatening attack. Puhe kept the score of 1-1 to the end. When the total score was 3-3, he reached the top 4 and stopped in Hong Kong with the advantage of more away goals.

Data analysis

Puhe's ball control rate reached 54.4%, while that in Hong Kong was only 45.6%. With a slightly higher ball control rate, Puhe has always taken the initiative on the court. In the whole game, Puhe shot 18 times, but only 6 times in Hong Kong. Among them, Puhe hit the target 6 times. If it weren't for Yan Junling's rescue and beam help, I'm afraid Shanghai couldn't even hold the final 1-1 draw. Throughout the game, in addition to Wang shenchao's equaliser, other shots in Hong Kong were scratched across his boots, and it was not wrong to be out in the end.

Post game sound

Pereira: This is football. We were out because we scored less away. Our original goal was not to give up on the third line, but it is not easy to break through on the third line. We are trying to win every game. At present, we are still competitive in the league. Seeing the team's performance this year, I have reason to believe that we can be better next year.

Wang shenchao: it's a pity that we can't advance to the next round this year. Everyone fought until the last minute of the game and played out our morale and style, but we still have a lot to improve. We will sum it up and come back next year!

Shanghai Shanggang lineup

Goalkeeper: 1 - Yan Junling;

Guards: 21 Yu Hai, 28 He Yong, 5 Shi Ke (23 Fu Huan in the 73rd minute), 4 Wang shenchao (34 & rsquo; yellow card);

Midfield: 20 - Yang Shiyuan (25 minutes, 15 - Lin Chuangyi), 6 - Cai Huikang (66 minutes, 2 - Zhang Wei), 8 - Oscar (88 & rsquo; yellow card);

Forwards: 11 - LV Wenjun, 7 - anatovic (42 & rsquo; yellow card), 14 - Li Shenglong

Puhe red diamond lineup

Goalkeeper: 1 - Xichuan zhouzuo (89 & rsquo; yellow card);

Guards: 4 - Suzuki Daisuke, 5 - takeno Zhizhang, 31 - yanbotuoye;

Midfield: 7-nagasawa Hehui, 8-everton (29th chouhai in 77th minute), 16-aoki Toya, 41-kwan keida (22nd Abe Yongshu in 83rd minute), 27 kiyoshioka Dashu;

Forwards: 30 - Shinzo Xingyu, 12 - Fabricio (86th minute, 9 - Takeo xiongshu)