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Say good don't cry Jay Chou lyrics say good don't cry Jay Chou download where to listen to free

On September 16, Jay Chou released his new song "say no to cry", which triggered a heated debate. In the early morning of the 17th, Fang Wenshan wrote on his microblog: "I hope you like this love song" say no cry ", which is very resistant to listening to by classmate Zhou. There may be less scene and picture sense in the lyrics, and the meaning of the word is biased towards the narrative style. I think it's quite appropriate. I hope you like it too... & lsquo; You have nothing, but you still cheer for my dream. How long have you been distressed and are still looking for reasons to wait for me & rsquo It is reported that Jay Chou's new song is composed by Fang Wenshan and composed by Jay Chou. Jay Chou and may day a Xin sing together.

At 23:00 on September 16, 2019, "say no cry" went online. When it went online for 25 minutes, the single sold about 2.29 million on the three music platforms of QQ music, KuWo music and kugou music.

Lyrics of Jay Chou's "say no to cry":

The skyline fluctuates towards the late sunrise

Yawn away the mist

You pack your clothes on the balcony

Sewer recall removal

Love is burning at dusk, and the clouds are red

How many worries overflow

Nine palace puzzle we spell happiness

The most troublesome step

You and I care about giving

Clouds lingered on the sofa

Understanding lonely late night theater to be broadcast

Looking forward to the warm end

We agreed not to cry like a cat dancing alone

Once made a pious wish to help each other

Quarrel and admit defeat to each other

Thought it would be reconciled

We agreed not to cry, but we couldn't help it

A black dress to celebrate you

Can you entrust him with the task

He knows all about you