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Apple evaporates 130 billion apple market value evaporates behind the scenes truth

Apple evaporates 130 billion apple market value evaporates behind the scenes truth

According to technology media reports, Apple's share price rose for two consecutive days after the launch of the new iPhone, and its market value exceeded the trillion dollar mark again.

However, in the following two trading days, Apple's share price continued to decline, and fell 1.94% on Friday (September 13). The market value evaporated $19.6 billion (about 130 billion yuan), with a total market value of $988.5 billion.

Secondly, many people know that Apple's market value mainly comes from the recognition of global investors. Of course, the most important thing is the market value growth curve of sustainable development brought by Apple's annual new iPhone.

As for why Apple's market value evaporated 130 billion yuan overnight, it is actually due to Goldman Sachs's investment report on Friday (September 13), which looked down on apple and lowered Apple's target share price.

Behind the hot sales of new iPhone products

According to IDC, Apple's share of China's smartphone market was 6.7% in the second quarter of this year.

This time, many people said that there was no bright spot for the launch of new iPhone products. The most amusing thing in the audience was that Apple had adopted Yuba camera, which was obviously imitating the design style of our domestic models.

However, the new iPhone launched by apple a few days ago has sold out. Why?

In fact, compared with the pricing of iPhone XR last year, the price of iPhone 11 this year has been directly reduced by 1000 yuan to 5499 yuan.

When many people see here, they can't help but sigh that Apple rarely cuts prices. Is it learning from the previous experience of being cold in the domestic market because of high prices?

Who will save Apple's market value

If we want to say who will save Apple's market value, let's take a look at Goldman Sachs's target share price reduction for apple.

As a leading international investment bank, Goldman Sachs believes that a one-year free trial of TV + will affect the hardware profit margin, thus having a 'substantial negative impact' on profits.

Therefore, Goldman Sachs believes that the issuance of TV + services will lead to a sharp decline in the stock, and lowered Apple's 12-month target price.

So who do you think will save the market value of apple?