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The canteen pushes a table for one person, which perfectly solves the embarrassment of one person ea

The canteen pushes a table for one person, which perfectly solves the embarrassment of one person eating

At the beginning of school, the canteen of a university in Zhejiang launched a "one person food" meal, which aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens praised that the 'one-man food' canteen solved the needs of students who like to eat alone. Some netizens also thought that 'one-man food' affected students' social opportunities. On September 12, Chen Bo, the person in charge of the canteen of the school, said that the setting of "one person eating" seats responds to the needs of students and improves the utilization of canteen seats.

The reformed canteen attracts many students

On September 11, a video shooting the student canteen of Zhejiang Wanli University became popular on the Internet. The video showed that the school canteen not only set up a large screen for watching movies and competitions in the dining area, but also launched a "one person food" table. In the video, the 'one person food' table is painted into soft colors such as light pink and light blue. The seats are separated by partitions and equipped with the same color sofa stool with cushion.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from Xiaolu, a sophomore of the school, that the canteen was originally the third canteen of the school. It was like an ordinary canteen before. After transformation this summer vacation, it met the students again on September 3.

'the transformed canteen is amazing. There are many innovative places. You can watch the ball game on the big screen and sit in the canteen yourself & lsquo; One person eats & rsquo; Seats. But now everyone goes to experience it. There are so many people in the canteen. Not only are there no seats late, but all the food may have been sold out. I haven't experienced it yet & lsquo; One person eats & rsquo; The seats are full every time I go. "

After the popularity of the canteen, the debate among netizens over the 'one person food' seat was particularly fierce. Some netizens expressed great envy and thought that the school's consideration was very humanized and took care of the feelings of one's classmates. Some netizens also believe that the setting of "one person eating" seats affects the social opportunities for students to sit together for dinner, which may 'make autistic and shy people more and more autistic and shy, and those who are afraid of timidity and introversion more and more introverted'.

The partition between seats has openable windows

On the afternoon of September 12, the reporter of Beiqing daily learned from Chen Bo, the relevant person in charge of the school's canteen that at present, there are less than 20 "one person eating" seats. The reason for setting such seats is that many students reflect such needs through the school's logistics service platform. " On the one hand, it can respond to the needs of students who like to eat by themselves. On the other hand, it can also improve the utilization of canteen seats. " Chen Bo said.

In response to netizens' concern that the "one person eating" seat will affect normal social interaction, Chen Bo said that at present, the design of the meal seat is that two seats are opposite, there is a partition in the middle, and there is a window that can be opened on the partition. " Our & lsquo; One person eats & rsquo; In fact, seats are not just for dinner. Many students will choose to come here to read books or use computers. Sometimes when two students come together, they will choose to sit opposite. If they want to communicate, they can open a window for communication. "

Canteen 'transformation' multi-functional space

The reporter of Beiqing daily learned that the transformation of the school canteen takes' starry sky 'as the theme, implying' down-to-earth, looking up to the starry sky '. Chen Bo introduced that the second floor of the canteen has also created a 'maker space', with multimedia equipment such as TV sets, mobile speakers and wireless microphones, which can be used for students' study, meetings and meals. " What we want to do is to focus on the needs of students, so that the canteen is no longer just a single dining place in the traditional sense, but a multi-functional space for students to study, socialize and relax. In order to better understand the needs of students, many of our logistics online operation teams are also students of the school, because they are the people who know the needs of students best. "