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Is the "mysterious water monster" in the Three Gorges true or false? Experts analyze the mysterious

recently, the suspected "water monster" in the Three Gorges dam area of Yichang City, Hubei Province has aroused people's attention. Some netizens speculated that the giant mysterious creature may be a fish or a snake. But experts do not think so, and the shooting location is not the Three Gorges Dam Area in Yichang, Hubei Province.

On September 14, Ding Li, a researcher at Chengdu Institute of biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, who studies snakes and other reptiles, told surging news (). From the online video, the object in the water is not fish or snakes, but may be a floating object hanging at one end at the bottom of the river.

Another aquatic researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said it might be a black plastic bag hung by something. In the video, although it is swinging, it has not moved forward.

Expert: 'water monster' or floating object

Ding Li told surging news that if it is a snake or other aquatic animal as big as that in the video, its disturbance to the water flow will be obvious when it swims in the water. The object in the video is completely along the direction of the water flow, like being washed by the water, swinging around. Unlike a living animal, it is more like a floating object hanging at the bottom, because it has no displacement relative to the shore.

Dingley said that the snake is not good at swimming in the torrent. In this torrent, it will choose to dock rather than go upstream. And fish don't swim on the water as in the video.

The video was taken in Chizhou, Anhui Province

The location of the aforementioned video is also in doubt.

On September 14, a netizen from Chizhou City, Anhui Province reported to the surging news that he recognized that the video was shot at the Jiangkou Ferry Pier in Guichi District, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, rather than the Three Gorges Dam Area in Yichang, Hubei Province.

The netizen said that about ten days ago, his friends fishing with him took relevant videos, and he also saw the objects in the video at the ferry.

'it's not a creature. It may be a big black (plastic) bag.' He said.

The netizen provided a video from other perspectives. In the video, there are long black objects on the water surface, and the picture is blurred.

On the 14th, the staff of Jiangkou ferry terminal in Guichi District told surging news that the location in the video was indeed the terminal; The water monster is fake. It should be a plastic bag or fishing net.

On the same day, a person in charge surnamed Wang of the network information office of Yichang municipal Party committee told surging news that he had noticed the incident, but could not determine the specific location of the suspected 'water monster' object for the time being.