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The living room needs to be careful about the details that are easily ignored

The living room in our home may be the place we are most often in, but there are some security risks you need to know. Don't neglect these~

1. Cut off the electrical power supply

After the use of TV, audio and other appliances, do not just turn off the switch on the appliance, it is better to unplug the power plug together.

Because most of the switches of the electrical appliances are designed at the secondary side of the transformer, only switching off the switch will not disconnect the primary coil directly connected with the power supply, the electrical appliances are always in the state of power on and heating, how can the decoration save money? On the home installation network, free design budget quotation. Waste of electricity does not say that the electrical insulation layer of the primary coil may also be carbonized and short circuited, which is easy to cause fire.

In addition, in the rainy season, lightning will destroy electrical appliances through wires, and it is easier to 'ignite' without unplugging the power supply. Therefore, we should remind you that it is a good habit to disconnect the power supply after using the appliance, and it is better to unplug the plug, which is beneficial and harmless.

2. Prevent children from contacting the socket

The electric appliances in the living room are relatively concentrated, and children need special attention at home.

If the position of the wall socket is relatively low, cover the socket with a protective cover during decoration to prevent children from plugging their fingers or other foreign matters into the socket for a moment of curiosity, damaging the interior of the socket and threatening the safety of children.

If the power socket and plug-in are used, the wires shall be closed and pressed well to prevent children from tripping over the wires or pulling the wires while playing, and the electrical products shall be pulled off, which will not only damage the electrical appliances, but also easily hurt children.

3. Do not use the power socket centrally

When using electrical products such as electric irons, we usually use power sockets when the length of wires is not enough. It should be noted that we should not use too many electrical appliances on one power socket. The socket will not be able to load too much electricity, which will easily lead to short circuit, trip and even fire.