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Shun hotpot incense made great contributions to catching the wanted hotpot

Shun hotpot incense made great contributions to catching the wanted hotpot on September 7, Nantong police learned that Guo Bing, a class a wanted criminal of the Ministry of public security, would meet his girlfriend to eat hot pot in an apartment building. When the police were investigating and looking in the corridor, they suddenly smelled the attractive smell of hot pot in a house and successfully arrested the fugitive.

On August 27, the Ministry of Public Security issued an A-level wanted notice for the second batch of 50 major fugitives. Blackmail and impose exactions on Guo Bing's criminal organization were the thirteenth most dangerous persons in Nantong.

In May this year, when Hongqiao police station of Nantong Chongchuan public security branch was investigating a case of a "routine loan" Gang, it was found that the gang leader Guo Bing was engaged in "routine loan" illegal activities through two car loan companies operating in the urban area. The police immediately arrested Guo Bing, but Guo Bing has been hiding his whereabouts to escape the attack.

On the evening of September 7, the police got an important clue: Guo Bing will meet his girlfriend and eat hot pot together.

While the police were quietly investigating in the corridor to determine the location of Guo Bing, bursts of hot pot fragrance floated from a room. The police were happy: the person they were looking for was hiding in this room!

In the early morning of August 8, when the time was ripe for arrest, the police broke in and arrested Guo Bing, and found out the takeout personnel's clothes, helmets and other equipment.

It turned out that in order to escape the attack, Guo Bing disguised himself as a delivery brother when he went out on weekdays.

At present, Guo Bing has been detained according to law, and the case is being further handled.