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What should be paid attention to in the wardrobe in autumn

In autumn, it's humid. After the weather gets cold slowly, the maintenance in the wardrobe should keep up with it. Pay attention to moisture-proof is the key ~ learn how to maintain the wardrobe with Xiaobian!

1. For the overall wardrobe with drawers, it is recommended to drop a few drops of wax on the bottom of the drawer or drawer rack to reduce friction and prolong the service life.

2. Although it is necessary to increase the humidity, it is better not to make the wardrobe close to the high humidity utensils.

3. When moving the wardrobe, it's better to lift it and move it instead of dragging it, or it's easy to split the lower end of legs and feet.

4. The wardrobe should be placed in a flat and upright way, and the whole should be vertical to the ground, otherwise it is easy to cause the deformation of the whole wardrobe and the door and other parts, and finally cause the seam opening, which will damage the service life of the wardrobe.

5. The wardrobe should be placed away from the heat source. At least about one meter, the closeness of the wardrobe to the heat source will quickly make the moisture in the wood of the wardrobe evaporate too much, resulting in the shrinkage of the seams and mortise joints of the wardrobe, causing the deformation of the mortise joints and the cracking of the panel.

6. Indoor humidity shall be increased as much as possible. If you often wipe the floor with a wet cloth or use a humidifier or fish, it is good for people and wardrobe, and it also adds interest to life.

7. Don't dust the wardrobe with a damp cloth. The correct way is: gently brush the dust on the surface of the wardrobe, and then wipe it with pure cotton dry cloth to avoid particle dust damaging the surface of the wardrobe.

8. Improve the awareness of regular maintenance of wardrobe. It's better to maintain and replenish beeswax regularly for three months, half a year and a year to make the wardrobe covered with slurry as soon as possible. This not only increases the appearance of the wardrobe, but also extends the service life of the wardrobe.

9. Iron the wardrobe with wax. According to normal, the newly customized wardrobe can not be ironed. Before the wardrobe leaves the factory, have you done the traditional wax ironing, waxing and waxing? If so, you can no longer iron it. If not, you'd better iron it again.