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What are the 12 identities of Ma Yunxin's business card? After stepping down as chairman of Alibaba'

On September 10, 2019, Ma Yun will officially step down as chairman of Alibaba's board of directors and be replaced by Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba group. China's teachers' day Ma is not only a Chinese teacher's day, but also a 56 day anniversary of Ma Yun's 20th anniversary anniversary, and a unified repayment day of Alipay's "flower chant" in September 10th. Ma Yun's choice of chairman of the Alibaba board of directors is not only the Chinese teacher's day.

The reporter found that after leaving the post of chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, Ma Yun's new business card still has a total of 12 identities: Hangzhou guy, employee No. 001 of Alibaba, Alibaba partner, Alibaba No. 1 public welfare volunteer, chairman of Alibaba poverty alleviation fund, founder of Ma Yun public benefit foundation, spokesman for rural teachers, and co chairman of Taohuayuan ecological protection foundation, Global director of TNC (Nature Conservation Association), United Nations Special Adviser on youth entrepreneurship and small business, and co chairman of the United Nations World Women's summit joint conference. In addition, a few days ago, Hangzhou awarded Ma Yun the honorary title of "meritorious Hangzhou people".

Looking back on Ma Yun's past business career, he once worked in a number of important Alibaba companies, but the current status has become 'once worked'. According to tianyancha data, on September 5, Ma Yun stepped down as the legal representative and chairman of Zhejiang Alibaba microfinance Co., Ltd. Now, Ma Yun only serves as a director of taijichan International Cultural Development Co., Ltd., the chairman of Hangzhou Kunbao Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., and the executive director of Hangzhou Yunbai Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. other enterprises that remain in office are cancelled. In addition, Ma Yun also served as the legal representative of 17 enterprises, but 14 of them have been cancelled.

In fact, this is not the first time that Ma Yun withdrew from the management affairs of Alibaba group. In May 2013, Ma Yun, 48, knelt down on one knee to announce his resignation as CEO of Alibaba. He choked at the scene and said, "I believe young people will do better than us."

Since he resigned as CEO of Alibaba Group in 2013, Ma Yun has gradually separated from Alibaba's daily management, mainly investing more time and wealth in philanthropy through Ma Yun foundation.

At present, the legal representative of Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. is Zhang Yong, and the legal representative of Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is Dai Shan.

Ma Yun is mainly active in public welfare charities, such as Zhejiang Ma Yun public welfare foundation and China Disabled People's welfare foundation. In addition, Ma Yun still serves as a shareholder in many enterprises, such as 80% holding Hangzhou Ali Venture Capital Co., Ltd. At the same time, Ma Yun is also the ultimate beneficiary of Gaode Software Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou word of mouth network technology Co., Ltd. (word of mouth).

In addition, tianyancha data show that Ma Yun still has the actual control of 611 enterprises, of which more than 100 are cancelled, and about 500 enterprises are still in existence. According to the regulations of the central bank, a company with more than 5% equity after penetrating the n-tier has actual control.

As for Ma Yun's future, in an open letter released on Teachers' day last year, Ma Yun said he would return to education. " I still have many beautiful dreams about my future development. As you know, I am a restless person. In addition to continuing to serve as a partner of Alibaba and making efforts and contributions to the partner organization mechanism, I want to return to education and do what I love will make me very excited and happy, "Ma said.

At the same time, in a public speech on August 28, Ma Yun also said that his resignation in September does not mean retirement. " I still have two weeks to be chairman of Alibaba, but it doesn't mean I don't start a business, it doesn't mean I retire. The world is so beautiful. It's good for us to do more, try more, toss more and see more. "