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What does "one" really mean? Where does it come from

Who's really the stem? Recently, some people are always saying that one thing is really this stem. Xiaobian listened with a confused face and went to search. It turned out to be a joke. What does it mean? You can see the introduction provided by this site.

What does it really mean to say one

This sentence 'one is true' is the stem of Xuanshen, the anchor of tiger tooth hero League. Xuanshen often uses it on the Internet, which can be regarded as a mantra. Then netizens have been more influenced and learned his tone, mainly to recognize someone's statement, but now it is mainly a kind of ridicule or ridicule, not so much

Then, because the three groups of xuanjiajun, Jiji national and tengyang security have the same vein, the stem of "one say one" was soon brought to the live broadcasting room of electric stick and shanniruo, and more and more people played with the stem. For example, we are all familiar with the saying 'one said one, Otto is the world's first Chinese single', which is the skilled use of the stem of one said one.

The use of this stem is similar to that of pure passers-by, but it is different. Pure passers-by is usually followed by irony. One can be followed by jokes or normal and objective words, similar to 'to be fair'.

In addition, 'have one say one' can also be combined with 'really'. When you think a person's words are OK, or although they are wrong, but you don't want to refute them, you can reply with a sentence of 'yes, yes, yes'.

There is a saying that one is really whose stem

This is the stem of a game anchor 'dazzle God' in the hero League. It was just a catchphrase at the beginning, but gradually the artistic conception has become a way to tease people!