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Chinese men's basketball team won the 24th place, ranking list of this basketball world cup

With the emergence of the top eight, the ranking of 9th to 32nd in this basketball world cup has also been produced. The host Chinese team finally ranked 24th, failed to achieve the pre competition goal, obtained the direct tickets for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and even failed to lock the qualification of losing the Olympic Games in advance.

Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Pan Yulong

In the last round of 17-32 qualifying, New Zealand narrowly defeated Turkey 102-101 and Germany 82-76. In this way, China, Iran, Turkey and Canada ranked second in the four groups in the qualifying, with a record of 2-3. The four teams need to compare the net winning points. China scored - 10 points, Iran and Turkey 7 points and Canada 32 points. As a result, Canada ranked 21st, Turkey 22nd, Iran 23rd and China 24th.

According to the rules of FIBA, in addition to the host and the team directly leading to the Olympic Games, the remaining teams ranked in the top 16 in this world cup are directly qualified for the Olympic defeat. There are 7 tickets for the world cup through to the Olympic Games, plus the host, a total of 8 teams. At first glance, the top 24 teams can at least get the qualification of losing the competition. However, because the host of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan, failed to squeeze into the top 24 in the world cup, which is equivalent to that only the top 23 teams can ensure the qualification of losing the competition, while China is in the 24th place. Of course, this does not mean that the Chinese team will not lose the competition, because the Chinese team can obtain the qualification of losing the competition through the competition of wild cards. The issuance of wild card qualification will be determined according to the world ranking of each team. In addition to the qualified teams, the top two teams in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and America will receive wild card. With the current ranking of the Chinese team, it is not a big problem to get the wild card in the Asia Pacific region.

Since the moment when the men's Basketball World Cup was drawn, many people believe that the Chinese men's basketball team is likely to be the best Asian team to obtain the qualification for direct access to the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, when the Chinese men's basketball team ended its journey to the world cup, it was found that the Chinese men's basketball team had never missed the Olympic record since 1984, but it was likely to draw an end to it.

The losing match of the Tokyo Olympic men's basketball team will be held in June next year. The 24 participating teams are divided into four groups with six teams in each group. The first team in each group will win the Olympic tickets. It should be noted that at that time, most of the opponents of the Chinese men's basketball team are far above themselves. From the perspective of this men's Basketball World Cup, the traditional strong teams such as Greece, Italy and Lithuania are doomed to participate in the defeat.

The strong teams in Europe get together, but there are only two places directly to the Tokyo Olympic Games, which means that at least one of the top teams in the international basketball world, Serbia, Spain and France, will appear in the losing match. Even if they can't be divided into a group with these teams, any European team is difficult for the Chinese men's basketball team. As for teams from other continents such as New Zealand, Brazil and Venezuela, they also have the experience of beating the Chinese men's basketball team before. Therefore, it is very difficult for the Chinese men's basketball team to get a ticket to enter the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Ranking list of this basketball world cup

Ranking 9 to 32

9 Lithuania

10 Italy

11 Greece

12 Russia

13 Brazil

14 Venezuela

15 Puerto Rico

16 Dominica

17 Nigeria

18 Germany

19 New Zealand

20 Tunisia

21 Canada

22 Turkey

23 Iran

24 China

25 Montenegro

26 Korea

27 Angola

28 Jordan

29 C ô te d'Ivoire

30 Senegal

31 Japan

32 Philippines