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100 books that affect the world what are the complete list of 100 books that affect the world

100 books that affect the world what are the complete list of 100 books that affect the world reading a wise book can benefit people for life. Previously, the BBC selected 100 books that affect the world, each of which can be called a classic. Let's take a look at the 100 books?

01 Odyssey by Homer

One of the two oldest epics in the West (the other is Homer's Iliad). The whole poem has more than 12000 lines. It continues the story of the Iliad and tells that after the Trojan War, Odysseus, the Greek hero king of itaka, returned home after ten years of wandering after the war. The story is full of romantic feelings and dramatic contradictions, full of the imagination of the Greek era, tearing open the boundary of your brain.


Uncle Tom's cabin by Stowe

A work reflecting the black slavery system published by American female writer Stoff in 1852, as soon as it was published, it set off the climax of the American abolitionist movement and greatly promoted the outbreak of the American Civil War. More than 100 years later, it was translated into many languages, which had a far-reaching impact on the people of the world against racial discrimination and striving for freedom and democracy.


Frankenstein Mary & middot; By Shelley

This book is known as the first work of science fiction, and its author is Mary & middot; Shelley is also known as the mother of science fiction. Frankenstein was created in 1818. The protagonist of the novel, Frankenstein, is a biologist who is keen on exploring the origin of life. He often haunts the corpse room and uses different corpses to spell out a huge human monster. The monster wakes up and scares Frankenstein into flight. The monster chases him


1984 George & middot; Written by Orwell

Orwell's most famous political fable fantasy novel, the author invented a terrorist world divided by three major powers. The protagonist's' Oceania 'is highly centralized, maintains its operation by unifying history and language and breaking up families, monitors people's behavior and controls people's thoughts. It is a place without any freedom.


The world is falling apart Chinua & middot; Achibe

This book is a classic of the British Booker Prize for literature. It tells that the protagonist wrestler Ogun KaVo has three wives, two storehouses full of cassava, and is about to become the leader of the clan. However, an accident led to the exile of ogonkovo. Seven years later, when aogongkavo returned to his hometown, he was faced with a village impacted by the new world. The original Chuang Tzu has completely changed, and everyone has completely changed. The world can no longer return to the past, and the world has collapsed


Arabian folk tales of Arabian Nights

Collection of Arab folktales. It is said that there was a country between India and China in ancient times. The king was cruel and jealous. He killed the queen because of her misconduct. After that, he married a girl every day and killed her the next morning to show revenge. In order to save innocent women, the prime minister's daughter volunteered to marry the king and attracted the king by telling stories. She talked about the best place every night. It was just dawn, which made the king unable to bear to kill and allowed her to talk next night. Her story has been told for one thousand and one nights. Finally, the king was moved and stopped killing innocent people.


Don Quixote by Cervantes

Because of this novel, Cervantes is praised as the "father of modern novels" by famous writers such as Dickens, Flaubert and Tolstoy. This book tells that the protagonist Don Quixote was so fascinated by knight novels that he found out the armor, spear and shield used by his great grandfather, dressed up as a knight and rode around the world. He thought he was the greatest knight in history. He was dedicated to fighting for the people and the country. He was not afraid of hardship and strong enemies. He fought bravely and tenaciously with the demons and ghosts he thought.


Hamlet by Shakespeare

The most famous tragic work of Shakespeare, one of Shakespeare's' four tragedies', tells the story of Danish Prince Hamlet's revenge for his father, intertwined with love and hate: Hamlet's uncle Claudius poisoned old Hamlet to usurp the throne and occupied Hamlet's mother. When Hamlet avenged his father, he mistakenly killed his lover Ophelia's father, causing Ophelia to commit suicide. Provoked by the king, Leonis, the son of Bolognes, designed to kill Hamlet with a poisonous sword in the name of sword competition


A hundred years of solitude by Marquez

Marquez's most famous work, the representative work of magic realism literature, shows the changeable history of Latin America in the past century by describing the magic stories of the seven generations of the protagonist Buendia family and the rise and fall of Macondo, a small town along the Caribbean coast. "One hundred years of solitude" integrates many factors such as Latin American myths and legends, folk stories and so on, showing a wild imagination world. This book is an important classic literary masterpiece in the 20th century.


The Iliad by Homer

It is an immortal masterpiece of European classical literature and the oldest epic in the West. It tells the glorious history of the ten-year fierce battle of the Trojan War. In this book, the Greek hero Achilles and the fearless Prince Hector jointly interpret a century war of ghosts and gods crying for honor and dignity. The style of anthropomorphic God in the Iliad also affects countless literary works of later generations.

Five selected books in China

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, 21.

Journey to the west, 22.

Water Margin, 25.

True story of Ah Q, 43.

"Liang Zhu", 57.

Other selected books

11. Beloved (Tony & middot; Morrison)

12. Divine Comedy (Dante)

13. Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)

14. Gilgamesh (author unknown)

15. Harry Potter series (Rowling)

16. The story of the maid (Margaret & middot; Atwood)

17. Ulysses (Joyce)

18. Animal farm (George & middot; Orwell)

19. Jane Eyre (Charlotte & middot; Bronte)

20. Mrs. Bovary (Flaubert)

21. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Luo Guanzhong)

22. Journey to the West (Wu Chengen)

23. Crime and punishment (Dostoevsky)

24. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

25. Water Margin (Shi Naian)

26. War and peace (Tolstoy)

27. Kill a robin (Harper & middot; Lee)

28. The algal sea is boundless (Jane & middot; Reese)

29. Aesop's Fables (AESOP)

30. Honest man (Voltaire)

31. Medea (Euripides)

32. Mahabharata (vyasa)

33. King Lear (Shakespeare)

34. Genji story (purple part)

35. Shaowei's troubles (Goethe)

36. Trial (Franz & middot; Kafka)

37. Pursuing the lost time (Proust)

38. Wuthering Heights (Emily & middot; Bronte)

39. Invisible man (Alison)

40. Moby Dick: Moby Dick (Herman Melville)

41. They look to God (Zola & middot; Neil & middot; Heston)

42. Go to the Lighthouse (Virginia & middot; Woolf)

43. True story of Ah Q (Lu Xun)

44. Alice in Wonderland (Lewis & middot; Carol)

45. Anna & middot; Karenina (Tolstoy)

46. Heart of darkness (Joseph & middot; Conrad)

47. Drug addiction (Helen & middot; Ghana)

48. Mrs. Dalloway (Virginia & middot; Woolf)

49. King Oedipus (Sophocles)

50. Metamorphosis (Kafka)

51. Orestia (escuros)

52. Cinderella (author unknown)

53. Howl (Allen & middot; Ginsburg)

54. Les miserables (Victor & middot; Hugo)

55. (juxtaposed) George & middot; Eliot

56. Pedro & middot; Juan & middot; rulfu

57. Liang Zhu (folk story)

58. Canterbury story (Chaucer)

59. Five volumes (Vishnu Shama)

60. Memories of brascubas after his death (Machado & middot; de & middot; Assis)

61. Miss Brody's youth (Muriel & middot; spack)

62. A philanthropist in broken pants (tresell)

63. Song of ravinau (aucot & middot; bitanke)

64. Golden notes (Doris & middot; Lessing)

65. Midnight children (Rushdie)

66. Place of unease (dangalemga)

67. Little Prince (Anthony & middot; de & middot; St. Exupery)

68. Master and Margaret (Mikhail & middot; Bulgakov)

69. Ramayana (ant long)

70. Antigone (Sophocles)

71. Dracula (Bram & middot; stoke)

72. Dark left hand (Ursula & middot; legun)

73. Christmas carols (Charles & middot; Dickens)

74. America (RA & uacute; l Otero Reiche)

75. In front of the law (Kafka)

76. Children in our neighborhood (Najib & middot; Mahafouz)

77. Geben (petrak)

78. Glory of Kings (multiple authors)

79. Little woman (Louisa & middot; may & middot; Alcott)

80. Metamorphosis (Ovid)

81. Omeros (Derek & middot; Walcott)

82. Ivan & middot; Denisovich's Day (Solzhenitsyn)

83. Orlando (Virginia & middot; Woolf)

84. Rainbow snake (Australian folktale)

85. Revolutionary Road (Richard & middot; Yates)

86. Robinson Crusoe (Defoe)

87. Song of self (Whitman)

88. The adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Mark Twain)

89. The adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain)

90. Alef (Borges)

91. Eloquent farmer (ancient Egyptian folktale)

92. Emperor's new clothes (Andersen)

93. Jungle (Upton & middot; Sinclair)

94. Hamriat (Aibu & middot; nuvas)

95. Radsky March (Joseph & middot; Roth)

96. Crow (Ellen & middot; slope)

97. Satanic Psalms (Salman & middot; Lucidi)

98. Secret History (Donna & middot; Tate)

99. Snowy days (Ezra & middot; Jack & middot; Giz)

100. Tobatsin (Sadat & middot; Hassan & middot; Manta)