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When will lol infinite fire go online? Lol unlimited firepower online time and introduction to stron

Lol unlimited firepower is about to return. For all players, what they want to know most is the online time of lol wireless firepower. This article brings you the online time of lol unlimited firepower and the introduction of strong heroes. Let's have a look.

When will lol2019 infinite fire go online?

At present, the official website of the League of heroes has not announced the opening time of 2019 unlimited fire, but the official has revealed that the unlimited fire fighting mode will return during the world game, and players can brush the world game token through the unlimited fire fighting mode.

Lol, what are the powerful heroes with unlimited firepower?

1. King of China single France: Ruiz, although it is not as strong as before after the later remake, this hero is still omnipotent.

2. Yasuo: this hero mainly relies on skills, and can also use skills as ordinary attacks. If the skills are accurate, it can not only control the group, but also be very powerful.

3. Vampire: this hero mainly relies on blood consumption to release skills, and the blood sucking ability is also very strong. The skill CD is very short, basically 1-2 seconds. In the group war, there is no need to worry about dying at all.