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How to deal with the discoloration of the floor

The floor in the house looks ugly because of the long use time, but it's not very convenient to pave it again. How can we protect the floor from discoloration?

I. discoloration due to loss of protective paint

The floor paint is affected by the external environment, and the floor gradually loses luster. This is reflected more clearly in the bright floor. The bright floor can give people a bright feeling when it is just paved, but it may lose its original luster after a period of use. It is mainly caused by improper maintenance and improper cleaning methods.

II. Discoloration of wood caused by photochromism

The discoloration of wood itself caused by the influence of external environment such as sunlight and air. Experts explained that discoloration by light is the inherent characteristics of wood, the floor gradually discoloration in the long-term use process, decoration how to save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. It's a normal phenomenon. If it is not exposed to strong sunlight, the degree of change is often not obvious.

III. use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and avoid paint abrasion

When cleaning the floor, try to use less wet rags or mops. It is recommended to select a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the floor, so as to reduce the wear of the bright paint on the floor surface. It can also keep the floor bright.

IV. wood floor needs regular maintenance

To prevent discoloration of wood floor, do not forget to maintain the floor. Usually the maintenance method is to use essential oil or floor wax to maintain the floor. Play once in the first two or three years and at least once a year later. In addition, the living room balcony and other areas of direct sunlight, take appropriate light measures to protect the floor color change more effectively.