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How often does the etc account card settle accounts? How does the etc account card repay and pay

At present, most owners who have opened etc use etc charge card, but many people don't know what the etc charge card means, let alone when the etc charge card will be deducted. Today, let's talk about the deduction and payment of etc billing card. In order to avoid being included in the etc blacklist due to insufficient balance of etc card, please take a look at the precautions for the use of etc.

When will the etc charge card be deducted

The system will record the traffic conditions and automatically deduct the corresponding fees from the bank account authorized by the user in several times. Directly bind the personal credit card, automatically deduct the payment, do not recharge, and repay monthly. Each transaction needs to pay an additional 1% service charge when used. Due to the different execution efficiency in various regions, there is no clear deduction time for how long the etc charge card will be deducted, but it is generally repaid on a monthly basis. Etc users can set account sheet days and query etc expenses of the current month.

This etc charge card is only available to car owners. It is very suitable for friends who often run at high speed. Some car owners don't understand which one is better, the etc charge card or the stored value card. In fact, the etc charge card has a certain overdraft function, while the etc stored value card has no overdraft function. To put it bluntly, the etc charge card doesn't have to worry about insufficient account balance and can't pass, while the etc stored value card can't pass through the etc driveway if the balance is insufficient.

How to pay for etc card

The payment method of etc card is the same as that of etc recharge. You can recharge and deposit at etc recharge outlets on site. You can also recharge online by yourself. The following describes the method of mobile etc recharge:

1. Pre recharge: pre recharge the funds into the etc card capital account;

2. Card writing (circle deposit): deposit the money collar recharged into the etc card account into the etc card;

You can use Alipay ETC to recharge: (1) open the 'City Service' in Alipay, Alipay will automatically locate the current city. (2) Then click 'owner service', find the 'etc service' column and click to enter. (3) Then select the service type, such as' Zhejiang etc recharge 'and' Shandong etc recharge '. (4) Select the recharge method, which can be charged to the user account or card account. Fill in the user name, ID number and recharge after submitting the information, and complete the corresponding payment according to the prompt.

The mobile phone has NFC function. Loading method: the mobile phone downloads the 'high-speed etc' app applet. After the pre recharge is completed, open the mobile phone NFC function, place the etc card in the etc sensing area on the back of the mobile phone, read the balance and other relevant information in the card, and click 'write card' to start loading.

How to load the mobile phone without NFC function: you can buy the mobile letter Lianbao box or card reader (please go to the regular outlet or tmall's official online store, such as Shandong high-speed tmall's official online store or Shandong high-speed outlet), then open the 'high-speed etc' app applet, turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth and mobile letter Lianbao (card reader), and insert or place the etc card on the mobile letter Lianbao (card reader), Click load on the mobile app (etc card, load device and mobile phone must be placed together to load and write the card. If the distance is too far, the card writing may fail).

After a fierce operation, how do you know how long to deduct after etc passes? At this time, you need to know how to query etc deduction. The following describes the query method of etc Bill:

(1) use WeChat to query the details of ETC deduction, and WeChat search'xxETC'official account (such as Zhejiang ETC, Guangdong ETC, etc.) and pay close attention to it.

(2) click the 'bind user account' after entering the official account, enter the user name (the name of the ETC service is registered), ID number. After confirmation, click 'bind etc card account' and enter the etc card number, license plate number and other relevant information.

(3) Return to the home page and click 'my service' to query 'monthly bill' to see the etc charging details of the current month.