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What are the consequences of children taking wrong drugs

A Spanish pharmaceutical company is facing prosecution for wrongly 'loading' stomach medicine into the package of hair growth medicine. According to the associated press on August 31, the Spanish pharmaceutical company Farma quimica sur mistakenly confused the packaging of minoxidil for the treatment of hair loss and omeprazole for the treatment of stomach diseases, resulting in at least 20 children with stomach diseases ranging from newborns to 2 years old mistakenly taking hair drugs, which affected their bodies.

It is reported that one of the victims is 10 month old boy Uriel, his mother Angela & bull; Angela Martinez told the associated press that in January this year, Uriel had gastric acid symptoms, and the family doctor prescribed omeprazole syrup for Uriel.

Omeprazole is a drug for treating gastric ulcer and inhibiting gastric acid. After drinking omeprazole syrup for a month, Uriel began to grow dark hair. By early April, except for the abdomen, hands and feet, the hair almost spread all over Uriel's body.

Martinez said: 'if he doesn't grow hair, we may continue to give him syrup.' However, it was Uriel, who was still a toddler, whose abnormal hair attracted the attention of his family. It turned out that the 'omeprazole syrup' Uriel drank was actually minoxidil, a drug with wrong packaging and hair growth effect.

The associated press said that in July this year, the drugs with the wrong packaging had been recalled, and the company was temporarily closed and under investigation.

However, the families of the victims remain resentful. Uriel's mother questioned why the official didn't recall the drugs until July after this situation occurred in April and feedback. She also said that the victims' families were preparing to jointly sue the company.

The report said that although the excess hair of some injured infants has begun to fall off, and experts also said that the excess hair will eventually fall off, affected by the drugs, these wrongly taken drugs may still have long-term side effects in the victims' children. Spanish drug regulatory agency (aemps) said that minoxidil can dilate blood vessels and may affect children's heart, kidney and liver.