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What are the farming activities related to the Bailu solar term? Summary of agricultural activities

The third solar term in autumn - Bailu solar term is coming soon. The arrival of Bailu solar term represents the official cooling of the weather. The twenty-four solar terms play a very important role in China. It has a good guiding role in farming. So what are the farming practices related to the Bailu solar term? Let's take a look at this article.

Bailu farming activities: irrigation and heat preservation

In this season, the cold air is becoming more and more active, and low-temperature weather in autumn often affects the heading and flowering of late rice. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent low-temperature cold damage and diseases and pests. When cold air invades, water can be used for heat preservation. If water is poured for more than two inches before low temperature, the temperature can be increased by 1 ~ 2 ℃. When low temperature comes, it can be drained day and night and irrigated with shallow water in sunny days; Thick water should be poured in rainy days; Generally, the weather should be dry and wet, mainly wet. This solar term is a golden tourist season, with the summer gradually disappearing, the autumn is crisp, the jade dew is cool, and the osmanthus fragrance. " Bailu is at a turning point in summer and autumn. The temperature changes greatly on a daily basis. The old, weak and sick should pay more attention to increasing or decreasing their clothes in time to prevent catching cold.


The weather after White Dew is conducive to vegetable production, which has entered a busy season.

1. Cultivate strong seedlings

(1) eggplant fruit. Seedling raising is best carried out in the greenhouse covered by ground model. Mix 3 / 4 of new garden soil, 1 / 4 of rotten fence fertilizer, 10% of plant ash, 5% of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and 0.03% of mancozeb. Sowing amount per mu: 25-30g tomato and eggplant and 30-50g sweet pepper per mu. The seeds were soaked in warm soup and sown cool and dry. Fine border, sowing logistics and water management to promote the whole seedling and strong seedling.

⑵ green leafy vegetables. If the seed coat is thick, seed treatment shall be carried out and water shall be soaked to promote germination and sowing. The seedling bed and production land shall be deeply turned and whitened, the border shall be made carefully, and the water management of sowing logistics shall be carried out to promote the strengthening of the whole seedling.

2. Do a good job in pest control

(1) cruciferae vegetable pests mainly include Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera exigua, Plutella xylostella and Pieris rapae, which are controlled by diquat or yitaibao plus insecticidal double, nongdile or jingbao'er (a-vitamin salt), DuPont anda or Haizheng Sanling; The main diseases are black jade disease of cauliflower, white spot disease of Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage, which are controlled with mancozeb, chlorothalonil or xinwansheng; The black rot of cabbage and the soft rot of Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage can be treated with agricultural streptomycin, or can be killed or mengke bacteria plus scavenging agents.

(2) eggplant, fruit and other seedlings are mainly used to prevent and control sudden fall disease, and tobuzin or chlorothalonil are regularly sprayed in rotation.

(3) in order to make the public eat "reassuring food", in addition to strictly prohibiting the use of highly toxic pesticides, the drug safety interval must be mastered before harvest.

fruit tree

1. Citrus:

(1) timely irrigate in case of drought and reduce fruit cracking in combination with tree disk coverage.

(2) wipe out the late autumn shoots, and spray foliar fertilizer 1-2 times for weak trees with many fruits.

(3) the focus of pest control is red spider, Bemisia spinosa, scale and anthrax; Early maturing varieties should also pay attention to the prevention and control of fruit black spot disease.

(4) prepare for typhoon.

2. Red bayberry

(1) continue to do a good job in drought and typhoon prevention, water and preserve moisture according to the drought, promote the growth and enrichment of autumn shoots and promote flower bud differentiation.

(2) cut off dead branches and invalid sprouts from roots and trunk.

(3) remove the pouch of the big moth, and kill 1500 times liquid with speed, or kill 2000 times the spray of chrysanthemum. If scale insects occur seriously, they should be sprayed with medicine before control. Kill longicorn larvae at the base of the trunk.

3. Loquat

Take root drying and fertilizer application before flowering as the center to promote the enrichment of flower buds, prolong the flowering period and enhance the antifreeze ability of flowers and fruits. Do a good job in the control of the fourth generation loquat yellow caterpillar.

4. Peach

Continue pruning in summer, do a good job in the prevention and control of insect pests such as stickleback moth, military mating insect and longicorn beetle, and apply fertilizer on the leaf in combination with spraying.

5. Cherry

With autumn fertilizer application as the center, we will continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of insect pests such as stickleback moth, coir moth, peach leaf cicada and military mating insects.

6. Grapes

Taking timely picking as the center, strengthen the prevention and control of downy mildew and other diseases. If the grape is weak after harvest, it can be fertilized once. The best type of fertilizer is imported three factor compound fertilizer or diamine phosphate, and the application amount per mu is 10-15 kg.

7. Pear

Focus on pest control and leaf protection, apply top dressing outside the root, re apply post harvest overwintering base fertilizer, and strengthen the pest control of military mating insects and other harmful leaves. Prevent falling leaves too early and induce secondary flowering, which will affect the flower amount and yield of the next year.

Animal husbandry

After mid September, the weather changed from hot to cold. Livestock and poultry production should pay attention to the following work:

It is the golden season for buffalo to gain fat and breed. We must pay attention to autumn fat and breeding in time.

In autumn, the weather is cool and the wild grass is lush. It is necessary to do a good job in the storage of overwintering hay. Reserve as much as possible.

It is the best breeding season for long haired rabbits. Rabbit farmers should start to do a good job in autumn breeding to make long haired rabbits fully matched. Thermal insulation measures shall be taken.

Pigs should be disinfected and isolated to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases characterized by high fever. Goats should be vaccinated against goat pox.

The laying off period of breeding geese is coming to an end, so we should improve and strengthen nutrition to ensure the nutrition of the next laying period.