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Who does Chinese captain Li Xian play in the film? What role does Chinese captain Li Xian play? Is t

The Chinese captain who is about to meet you is also one of them. As a film adapted from real events, the events reflected in the film are also very real, and the cast of this film is also very strong, and Li Xian, who is hot recently, also participated in the film. So what role does Li Xian play in the film?

Li Xian is just a guest

Li Xian is a big boy who is very humorous and sunny in real life. This time in the film captain China, Li is playing the role of controller. However, Li doesn't have many scenes in the film. Because he is a guest role, there are only a few scenes.

However, the role of controller is directly related to the story prototype Sichuan Airlines flight 3u8633, which can be said to be a very important role. In an interview some time ago, Li Xian said that in the face of dangerous situations, the staff of the air traffic control bureau must keep calm, control their emotions and not affect the crew.

Captain China is a biographical film with a memorable story. The film did not take a long time from shooting to post production. It was started in Wuxi on January 3, 2019. From January 26 to 27, Chen Daoming also personally visited the crew in Wuxi film and television base. Until March 4, 2019, the film is officially finished. The film is scheduled to be released on the National Day on September 30, 2019. We look forward to the surprise of the film to the audience!