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Who wins the score prediction of Lithuania vs Australia in group H of 2019 Basketball World Cup

Group H of 2019 basketball world cup is undoubtedly the group with the strongest comprehensive strength, which is also considered as the death group. Lithuania, Canada and Australia have the strength to appear on the podium. The highlight is Lithuania vs Australia. Who will beat who at 7:30 p.m. on September 5?

Key duel: Lithuania vs Australia

Lithuania's biggest threat comes from Australia. In the world cup, Australia leads Lithuania by 2-1. The most recent victory comes from the 2014 Spain World Cup group match.

But in the past five years, everything has changed a lot, and Lithuania is ready for revenge.

Of course, we can't ignore the Canadian team. Although many NBA players are absent from this world cup, the Canadian team will strive to make good performance to make history.

Senegal seems to be the weakest team in the 'death group', but they will bring trouble to the strong teams under the leadership of ndor and Ndiaye.

The overall strength of Lithuania is very average, with both experience and vitality. They have five players who participated in the 2014 Spanish World Cup.

Varanjonas is undoubtedly the mainstay of Lithuania. He is a qualified basket protector, especially when the team is facing other tall opponents.

Sabonis and kuzminkas will make their debut in the world cup for the first time. If they are ready for the game, Lithuania's internal strength will be very strong.

Guard kanitis is a veteran. He will control the backcourt of Lithuania. No matter who the opponent is, they believe they can fight one of them.

This group is so strong that they have two popular teams. After beating the United States in the warm-up match, Australia is in good shape. They have famous players such as mills, Bogut and delavedova. In addition, Ingles is also a killer.

The average age of the Australian team has reached 30. Several core players have played together for many years and have a high degree of tacit understanding.