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The full list of the top 32 Champions League is released

In the early morning of Beijing time on the 29th, the last three groups of the Champions League playoff ended, and Ajax, Slavia Prague and Bruges successfully entered the main race. The top 32 Champions League this season and their respective sub grades have also been officially released.

Among the second-class teams, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, dote and Tottenham have outstanding strength. In addition to the third-class Inter Milan, the final death group may be generated from the above teams.

The following is a complete list of the top 32, as well as the classification. In the early morning of August 30 Beijing time, UEFA will hold the Champions League draw ceremony.

First gear:

Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Juve, Bayern, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Zenit

Second gear:

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, DORT, Napoli, miner donesk, Tottenham, AJAX, Benfica

Third gear:

Inter, Lyon, Leverkusen, Salzburg Red Bull, Bruges, Valencia, Dinamo Zagreb, Olympiacos

Fourth gear:

Atlanta, Moscow locomotive, Belgrade red star, Henk, Galatasaray, Leipzig Red Bull, Prague Slavia, Lille