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Apple Siri exposed or leaked privacy Siri voice closing method

Apple Siri exposed or leaked privacy Siri voice closing method

Recently, many American technology companies have been exposed to 'record users' conversations with intelligent voice assistant, and then manually mark and feed back the voice to train voice assistant'. This means that your private conversations in life are likely to be 'tapped' by strangers inadvertently - Apple phones in the United States have been exposed to such problems.

In early August, the British Guardian revealed that apple in the United States sent recordings of conversations between some users and Siri, an artificial intelligence voice assistant, to Apple's contractors around the world to analyze whether Siri's response was reasonable and whether the service was in place - and apple did not inform users of this operation in its privacy policy before being exposed by the guardian.

Although Apple insists that 'less than 1% of the recordings are used for analysis, and the recording length is only & lsquo; A few seconds & rsquo, However, many apple mobile phone users still believe that 'it is inevitable that sensitive content such as location, medical information and family dialogue will be leaked'.

Under the pressure of public opinion, Apple announced in a statement on the 28th that it would terminate the artificial voice analysis business and begin to delete all dialogue recordings between users and Siri - however, apple did not give up the improvement of Siri service, but the premise was that users must voluntarily agree to use their dialogue recordings with Siri for analysis; Moreover, the recording can only be heard by Apple's employees and can no longer be sent to Apple's contractors; In addition, the user has the right to terminate this cooperation at any time.

Siri shutdown method:

Open 'Settings' and find' Siri and search '.

First turn off the 'wake up with' Hey Siri 'function, and then turn off' press the home screen button to use Siri '.

Then select 'close Siri' to close Siri function.