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How to make up the glacier with artificial snow

Original title: to protect alpine glaciers, Switzerland plans to 'make up' with artificial snow

'There is a new way to protect alpine glaciers! ' According to the Swiss "glance" reported on the 26th, it is no longer news that glaciers are melting: since 1850, alpine glaciers have decreased by about 60%.

Especially in the past 10 years, the melting rate of glaciers is accelerating.

Swiss scientists warn that at this rate, more than half of the alpine glaciers will disappear in the next 30 years.

In recent years, some parts of Switzerland have adopted methods such as covering glaciers with white cloth, but it is of no help to save the whole glacier and affects the beauty.

Now, Swiss scientists have a new way to cover glaciers with artificial snow.

It is reported that this method was proposed by Keller, director of the Swiss glacier monitoring network. The principle is to collect the glacier water flowing into the canyon in summer, and then make the glacier water into snow and cover the glacier in winter. To this end, Switzerland will install a set of snow making machines without electricity on the glacier, which will generate 30000 tons of artificial snow every day. [Global Times comprehensive report]