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When will the last episode of xiaohuanxi be broadcast? When will the final episode of xiaohuanxi be

The TV series xiaohuanxi has become a high topic, high heat and in place details. The plot is tense, interesting and thought-provoking. It is loved by the audience. They are waiting for the final episode of the grand finale. Each family has a good ending, but the last episode of xiaohuanxi was not broadcast last night, isn't it? Or changed the time?

In the synchronous update of "xiaohuanxi" on the Internet and satellite TV, the previous update time was 19:30 broadcast by Oriental satellite TV every night, and the videos of aiyiqi and Tencent were updated synchronously at 22:00. Two episodes were updated from Sunday to Friday and one episode was updated on Saturday. Recently, I heard that the update time has changed to two episodes on Monday, Saturday and Saturday! Week 3, week 4, three episodes! Big finale next Tuesday!

The netizen's statement is to make room for the gift drama, and I don't know if it's true. It is said that "little parting" was cut off for several days because of the G20 summit in Zhejiang.

At present, the increase is mainly due to the increase in the number of updated episodes from Monday to Friday. The 49th episode of the finale will be broadcast on August 27. If you don't have time to chase the play, you can see the time and make up for it at that time.