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Can the baby be taken outside before delivery? How long can the baby be held outdoors

How old can the baby be taken outdoors? Many mothers think the baby is very fragile, and there are many risk factors, so they are unwilling to take the baby outdoors. So how old can the baby be taken outdoors? Can the baby be taken outside before delivery? How long can the baby be carried outdoors?

1. How old can the baby be taken outdoors

There is no medical reason to take newborn out. On contrary, taking baby out for fresh air and vision will be more beneficial to baby.

In fact, the baby can go out when he is a month old. If the surrounding environment is better, he can go out earlier. However, because the baby's resistance is not very strong, it is not recommended to take the baby to a crowded place to avoid infection. It's not appropriate for the baby to stay at home all the time. If you take him out properly, he can get bad benefits.

2. Benefits of baby outdoor activities

If the baby stays in the house all day, it will make the baby very sensitive to temperature changes. In case of slight changes in the weather, it will have stuffy nose or cough. Therefore, outdoor activities with children can improve the function of skin and nasal mucosa, promote the formation of conditioned reflex in cerebral cortex, improve the ability of temperature regulation, enhance the ability to adapt to the outside world and resistance to diseases, and prevent the occurrence of colds.

Children can see more people and things outdoors. Observation and communication can promote their intellectual development and broaden their horizons. In this way, the baby's mood will be happy, which can promote appetite, and the baby will sleep well at night.

The oxygen content of fresh air is higher than that of closed indoor air, which is conducive to the development of neonatal respiratory system and circulatory system. Moreover, after receiving appropriate ultraviolet radiation, the baby can make the body produce vitamin D, which can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the human body, and has the effect of preventing rickets.

This is why many people advocate outdoor activities for babies. After half a month, they can start to bask in the sun outdoors for a short time and intermittently, get in touch with nature and breathe some fresh air, which is good for their growth, development and health.

3. Several outdoor activities for babies

There are many activities that parents and babies of newborns can participate in, so there is no need to feel lonely:

Morning coffee, parents and toddlers play together.

Children can join music groups after six months. Similarly, community centers may be able to provide some help.

Swimming - once your baby can swim safely. Ask if the local swimming pool has a special session for parents and children.

Massage classes for children will be organized in the nature health center or local yoga teachers.

Babies should be protected from the sun when they go out

Babies have very little skin pigment, so they are much less resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays than adults. Direct exposure to the sun may cause skin damage and skin cancer in the future. To protect your baby:

In addition to clothing and cool protection, apply sunscreen with an UV protection factor of at least 15. Apply sunscreen to your baby's face, neck, ears, back of hands and feet 20 minutes before going out - not all over.

If the weather is particularly hot, you should avoid taking your children out from the sun between about 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Wear a wide brimmed sun hat and protective clothing, such as a shirt with a tie and sleeves.

Be aware that children are still dangerous in cloudy weather.

The stroller must have a protective cover or umbrella to provide shade for the child.

A treasure chest necessary for babies to go out

1. Daily necessities

Thermos, bottle and pacifier are required. Take more pacifiers and put them in the fresh-keeping box.

Diapers, wet and dry paper towels, saliva towels can not be less.

You can use a fresh-keeping box to prepare some clean fruits and biscuits to satisfy your hunger.

Baby cup or spoon, small bowl, etc. should also be prepared.

2. Essential drugs

Anti allergy drugs: the development of the baby's immune system is not perfect, and spring is the peak of pollen diffusion, which makes the baby very vulnerable to allergic skin diseases.

Cold powder: if you catch a cold accidentally outside, you can deal with it in time.

Thermometer, disinfection cotton swab, disinfection alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, red potion, purple potion, furelaxed ointment or urea ointment, balm, etc.