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How to deal with baby's choking

Children's choking is a common problem in life. It is necessary for mothers to master the first aid methods for children's choking. Let's learn about it. Pediatric experts remind that no matter what kind of self-help, first call 120, while waiting for the rescue, according to the degree of lucidity of the child to carry out family first aid.

For a child with a clear mind who chokes on food, he / she should cough actively and forcefully, clear out the food blocking the breathing passage through the air flow generated by cough, or create a space that can maintain breathing; at the same time, let the child sit, lean forward, and the rescuer should clap four times with the root of his / her hand between the back scapula of the child; or the rescuer should clap his / her arms from the back of the child Hold the waist together, synthesize the palm in front of the hand, aim at the upper abdomen of the child, and make a quick impact on the thumb side inward and upward for four times, so as to discharge the food in the airway or at the glottis, or cause the space to resume breathing.

For the child with dysphagia, let the child lie on the side, or lift the child's feet upside down, and then hold the body obliquely. The rescuer presses down the child's tongue with one finger, and slaps the child four times with the root of the palm between the two shoulder blades behind the child; or let the child lie on the back, head back, the rescuer holds the child's upper abdomen with one palm root, and impacts the child four times quickly inward and upward.

For choking children who eat sticky food, such as eating 'Tangyuan', 'niangao' and other sticky food, in addition to the methods described above, they can take out with their fingers or clamp out the blocked food. Take the side lying position, extend the index finger or index finger and middle finger into the deep throat along the inner wall of the throat, and take out or clip out the food.

If the above-mentioned methods fail to solve the problem, we should actively carry out "chest compression artificial respiration", that is, let the child lie on the ground, the rescuer kneel and hold the child's hands. After the child's chest is pushed and pressed, immediately lift his hands above the shoulders, and carry out repeatedly.

Warm tip: don't give it to children in order to finish their meal quickly, which can easily lead to child choking.