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How to punish an 8-year-old boy driving 140 yards

As the saying goes, 'newborn calves are not afraid of tigers', CNN reported such a story on the 22nd: according to the local police in Germany, an 8-year-old boy secretly drove away his mother's car at night and' soared 'on the highway at the speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

We should start from the 21st.

In the early morning of that day, the boy's mother called the police. She told the police that her son actually drove away an automatic car at home.

CNN said the local police then looked for someone with the mother. Soon, they found a boy and a car in a service area of a44 highway near the northwestern German city of SOST. It is reported that it is about 8 kilometers away from the boy's home.

CNN also mentioned a detail in the report: the boy parked the car and turned on the emergency light. A police spokesman also told CNN the reason why the boy didn't continue driving: driving on the highway made him uncomfortable.

When asked why he drove away secretly, the boy said to the police, 'I just want to drive for a while.' Police said the boy often participated in go kart competitions, played bumper cars and once drove a car in a private residential area.

Police told CNN that they had told the boy the dangers of driving at night, but he would not face any criminal charges.