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Why do medical students have to shave their heads? How to solve campus bullying

Medical students are forced to shave their heads. How terrible is school bullying in India? 150 medical students were forced to shave their heads as a 'tribute' to senior students. According to India's New Delhi television (NDTV), 150 freshmen at the University of Medical Sciences in Safai village in Uttar Pradesh were forced to shave their heads on the 21st. At present, the school administrative department has taken note of the matter and promised to take action on it.

Raj bull, vice president of the University; Dr. Kumar said that the school has set up a special agency to investigate the matter. " We provide separate social benefits for students. In addition, we have set up an anti bullying committee to deal with complaints, 'Kumar said.' we also have a special team to check whether bullying has occurred in all parts of the school. Students can also complain to the anti bullying Committee. "

'we will take strong action against those involved. I want to assure junior students that they don't have to worry. " Kumar added that the university had previously expelled students involved in campus bullying.

In fact, campus bullying often occurs in India. The report mentioned that last month, a 14-year-old boy in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad tried to commit suicide after being bullied by his classmates. In March, two students at Tamil Nadu University committed depression and suicide after being bullied by senior students.