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What brand of jeans is good? Top ten brands of jeans

Jeans are a fashion item that many young people like very much, especially the young partners of the post-80s and 90s have a great love for jeans. Do you know which of the many Jeans Brands on the market is the best? Let's have a look

Top ten brands of jeans

1. Levi \'s Levi

Levi's is the first company to produce tea jeans. It was founded in 1873 and listed in the United States. Jeans, as the name suggests, are specially designed for jeans. Later, with the continuous changes of the times, jeans have become popular pants of mass style. Levi's, as the earliest jeans manufacturer, has also done great work for jeans, Designers constantly develop different styles. Now many jeans lovers will have dozens of Levi's jeans.


Lee is also a brand in the United States. Lee is the most classic jeans. Although classic, it is not lack of fashion. It is suitable for people of all ages. Lee is also the most influential brand in all jeans industries. Many brands have been influenced by Lee and made great changes. Indeed, Lee plays a very important role in the jeans industry.


Only mainly produces women's jeans. It is one of the most representative women's Jeans Brands in Europe. It is made by relying on its own excellent design style and people's awareness of the trend, and has been favored by many customers. If girls like to wear jeans, they must choose this brand of jeans. I believe you can wear them, I don't want to wear other brands anymore.

4. Yiyang esey

Among the top ten Jeans Brands, Yiyang is a brand that pays most attention to fashion and fashion. It designs and makes jeans for women aged 20 to 40. So far, it is a jeans manufacturer specializing in serving girls. Because it is at the forefront of the trend, most girls will take the initiative to choose this brand of jeans.

5. Han Du Yi she hstype

As we all know, Japanese and Korean style clothes are very popular on Taobao and tmall. The jeans of handu clothes house are also very popular on tmall and Taobao. The reason is that handu clothes house focuses on youth trend jeans and focuses on the design of young people's clothes. While the trend is good, the quality is very good, so it will be favored by many customers.

6. Hailan home HLA

Hailan family, which focuses on business style, has the title of "men's Wardrobe". The reason is that the clothes produced by Hailan family are basically designed for the majority of men. Although it is the main business style, there are some fashionable and casual jeans. It is precisely because of this comprehensive development that it will be recognized by the majority of men. If you are an office worker, And also like jeans very much, so the jeans of Hailan home are your first choice.

7. Semir

Senma's main style is leisure, and jeans also have a strong leisure style. Since the establishment of the company in 1996, the company has begun to fully design and manufacture young people's jeans. The design style is also bold and at the forefront of the trend. Moreover, most of Senma's jeans are handmade. Although the price is relatively high, they are worth more.


Evisu is a jeans brand in Japan and the only Japanese brand in the top ten brands of jeans. Evisu designs jeans into a variety of different pants. Of course, it is jeans, but it breaks the style of traditional jeans and is more interesting in design. Hip hop jeans must be loved by many people, If you want to change the style of jeans, you can refer to evisu.

9. Peace bird

Taipingniao is a well-known brand of jeans in China. The jeans designed and produced by taipingniao are also specially designed for young people. There are many styles, including retro style and modern style. When purchasing, it still depends on personal preferences. Domestic brands are also very suitable in terms of price, which is much more affordable than some foreign brands, Like friends can take a look at Jingdong Mall.

10. Jack Jones Jack Jones

Jack Jones is also a company that specializes in making and designing jeans for men. It is suitable for men between the ages of 20 and 30. Jack Jones's jeans are basically free style. European style jeans look more pure, but the price of Jack Jones is relatively high. If it is a student party, it is not recommended to choose this one, But if you are an office worker, you can choose this pair of jeans.