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How can Alipay quickly gather five FU cards? How much is Alipay's five bonus?

Alipay's activity has started again. How much money can you divide this year? Ant financial announced today that it will continue to collect five blessings to send red envelopes to users this year. The time for collecting five blessings is from 0:00 on February 6 to 0:00 on February 15, and the prize will open at 22:18 p.m. on New Year's Eve. This year, we have more diversified ways to play with our products. In addition, Alipay red bag play upgrade, launched the word 'thousand gold' products.

It is understood that this year, if users gather five blessings, they will share 500 million yuan of red packets, and it is expected that 200-300 million users will share the red packets, with a maximum of 666 yuan for individuals.

During the Spring Festival last year, Alipay's "Ji Fu Fu" triggered a nationwide Carnival during the Spring Festival. When people buried their heads in red envelopes, they lamented that 'missing a few hundred million', and Alipay's lack of "dedication" triggered the collective spoil and complaint of netizens.

This year, that will not happen again.

It is understood that Alipay this year no longer emphasizes the scarcity of a 'Fuk' card, nor encourages the purchase of 'Fu' card, which severely prohibits the sale of fukas.

Guanhua, product manager of Wufu Hongbao, introduced that according to the requirements of users, this year, we will continue to collect Wufu, or "rich, strong, harmonious, friendly, patriotic and dedicated", and introduced three kinds of playing methods:

First, keep Alipay AR sweep 'Fu', sweep any blessing word can sweep to Fu. In addition, this year's ar scan "Fu" added a colored egg, that is, let friends put "five Fu to" gestures also have the opportunity to get the Fu card, set the mobile camera to the front camera.

Second, watering friends in the ant forest also has a chance to get a blessing card, and 'co planting' trees with relatives and friends also has a chance to get a blessing card.

3. There are lucky cards and real eggs in the ant manor, which are distributed by tmall supermarket. In order to reduce the pressure of couriers, the quantity is limited.

Alipay hopes that the word "Fu" can become a Chinese cultural symbol familiar to all of the world. It is not translated into LUCK, but Fu'FU'.

In addition, the news also revealed today that Alipay's red envelope has launched a new "red letter" with a thousand characters, lucky friends to send a blessing.

At present, Alipay home page has already appeared the entrance of "one word thousand gold, red envelope heart transmission", the user can enter the activity from the red envelope - the word red gold package, but also can play in Alipay search "red envelope" or "one word thousand gold".

This year's Alipay will start with 5 characters: handsome, beautiful, lucky, cool and thin. If you want to send a red envelope with other characters, you can change it. Below each word is a detailed explanation of blessings.