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How can Alipay play with red envelopes? Where to play at the entrance of one word golden red bag

Alipay is a thousand dollar gold to send the blessing word how to play a word of gold entrance. Where can this year choose the word for a friend to send a blessing, not just a blessing word, the blessing word includes beautiful, handsome, thin, and some other words with beautiful meaning, and each word has different red envelopes, so where is the Alipay entry of a thousand characters gold activity?

How does Alipay send the blessing word to play and how to choose the word to send blessing?

Many friends do not know how Alipay has just launched a thousand words to send the blessing word how to play and send a word of fortune to where the blessing word entry is. Let's look at the introduction of Xiaobian.

1, open your Alipay home page, click on a thousand words, red envelope heart entrance.

2. Choose the blessing words you want to send to your friends.

3. Then select the friends you want to send to.

4. As long as your friend receives your red packet, you can get the blessing word.